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No key…no problem! Noke Smart lock REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg June 20, 2016

One technology that has not really changed very much over time is the padlock. When looking at pictures from 1950 compared to padlocks now you will notice only slight variations, but security for our homes, cars and even for our personal bodies have changed significantly. Then came Noke. We got our hands on a few of their smart padlocks to take a look at and test to see if the test of time shows locks need an upgrade or not. GIVEAWAY BELOW!


Unboxing the Noke was a little tricky. I was making jokes that if the lock is anywhere near as secure as the packaging we have a winner. After taking the time to actually inspect the box instead of just rip into it like the holiday unboxing animal I am, I got the Noke Smart Lock out.


I downloaded the Noke app (Android or iOS) and started the walk through. The walk through was pretty self-explanatory as it helped me set up the lock using the Bluetooth of my phone. Once you get finished up with the setup you are ready to go. The Noke app walks you through a few steps and helps you set up a click-click code in case you do not have your phone with you. You want to name the lock (probably the location or item you have locked up) even more so if you have more than one lock. One feature I loved within the app is that you are able to allow access to others. You may give temp keys to people via the app so they may unlock from their device. This was great thinking.


Durability of the lock is what I can only assume you want in a padlock. I was worried in a smart lock that the durability factor would not be there but I do not feel that at all. The lock feels strong and durable. When held against my old padlock you cannot really feel any difference. Noke also made the smart lock with weather-proof casing to be able to withstand the elements. So the lock would be great for an outside tool shed or building.

After a couple of days using the padlock on my outside shed I love the idea of not having to find a key or remember a combination. When I got up the lock I would just open the app, press down on the lock and it connected every time with my phone and unlocked. Remember when if you do not have your phone you can actually just use the click code that you setup so no worry there. Also the battery is easily changeable and last up to a year before needing changed. This lock would be perfect for someone who in school, owns a garage or storage shed, or has generally anything locked up. They also make a bicycle lock as well.


When I started this review it was to see if the updating something as simple as a padlock to a smart lock would be cost-effective and usable. Yes to both. If you are someone who uses a padlock or bicycle lock daily then this lock is for you. At $69.99 it is an investment compared to the normal padlock being at around $20. Keep in mind how much more accessibility you will be getting with the Noke. Plus let’s be honest…it’s damn cool. Be sure and get yours ordered now here from NFM. Thanks to Noke and NFM we have two of these to giveaway to a few of you geeks! Simple to enter. Just follow the steps below and check back everyday for more entries. Get entered now.

Noke Smartlock Giveaway

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  • Geoff

    Supper pretty neat

  • Chemy

    I’m not giving a review cuz I don’t have it and I think this particular item is one you should better have it with you to test it than watching other, but it looks very handy.

  • Ricardo Pereira

    I would lock my comic books

  • Mieszko

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Alex Fuß

    i’d lock my cellar 🙂

  • nova

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Jay Kay

    I’d lock up my room while I’m away, without having to carry a key. COOL!

    • Jay Kay

      I don’t know where the scores came from… it wasn’t me!

  • cleo

    My valuables

  • Michelle fay

    Looking forward to future items and competitions

  • Mikael Nyberg

    Really nice of you to do this giveaway, Thanks! 🙂

  • These locks would be handy for my wife and I.

  • Allyson Becker

    I would lock of my basement door!

  • Aayushi

    I use my bicycle everyday to go to class. And due to a bad habitof mine, I always misplace the keys. Searching for it take time.

    Noke seems uber cool. I know I am gonna love it.

    Although I would feel a bit sad seeing my Millennium Falcon keychain go redundant.

  • Rena Walter

    I would lock up my tool shed.

  • Liberty

    I would lock up my garden shed.

  • Erwin Carrington

    It may look cheap so since I didn’t have a chance to hold one yet, I give it a solid 6. Change my mind guys. Release this epicness to the public like a boss!

  • shannon fowler

    i would lock up some presents that i have for my family. i tend to buy early and they snoop

  • Qboss

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  • Dimitris P

    It looks great for small storage rooms/Basements or travel luggages!

  • Theresa A.

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  • PhantomTa2

    I’d use it to somehow lock my teenage daughter’s chastity belt to stop the lads she knows from sniffing around like the dogs they truly are, (and don’t say I’m assuming too much. I was a teenage boy once and I KNOW how they think!!)

  • scot

    Innovative and good thing to have in your possession.

  • Anas

    Thanks for the chance !

  • Prabhath

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  • I’m going to use this lock on our front gate. Great international giveaway! Thanks guys.

  • jan

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  • Dominic heitzman

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