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SmartBoy turns your Android into a Working Gameboy

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. June 17, 2016

Hyperkin revealed an interesting case named “SmartBoy” that turns your phone into a working Gameboy at E3! Hyperkin, who has also created the RetroN and SupaBoy, had originally teased SmartBoy as an April Fool’s joke last year. However, many people started to want this case, thus, Hyperkin decided to start developing the case into a real life idea.

“A lot of you were speculating that the Smart Boy is an April Fools’ Joke. Well, it sort of was. We “leaked” it with the initial intent of testing the market, seeing whether or not it should be something we’d actually make, under the guise of an April Fools’ Joke. Looks like you awesome folks ACTUALLY WANT IT, so the Smart Boy is now in development! Thank you all for your enthusiastic responses!” -Hyperkin

SmartBoy 2

SmartBoy will work with Android devices, even though the original April Fool’s concept showed the case working with an iPhone. This case will also work with Gameboy and Gameboy Color games. There is no news about whether or not SmartBoy will work with Gameboy Advance games. There are hints and rumors that it will work with the original camera extension that you could buy separately from the Gameboy Color.

Imagine playing Gameboy games like Link’s Awakening, Castlevania, Tetris, Pokemon, and more on your smartphone! As shown in the picture from the working prototype below the graphics look pretty amazing.

SmartBoy 3

There is no confirmation about if SmartBoy will be available for iPhone devices as of yet. Hyperkin has said they will release more information about the case as they get closer to the release of their device, so there may be hope for IOS users.

There is no firm release date, however, Hyperkin is planning on having SmartBoy release sometime in December 2016. Would you buy a SmartBoy and relive your Gameboy days? Let us know in the comments!

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