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Is Samsung Galaxy S9 “Reinvented” Camera Worth the Upgrade?

written by Dominic Gomez February 27, 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9+ front and back

As many of you know, the latest Galaxy phone was announced Sunday. As the leaks have shown, the Galaxy S9 actually looks quite a bit like last year’s Samsung Galaxy S8. The biggest difference, at least in the looks department, is the fact that they fixed the incredibly horrible placement of the fingerprint sensor. It now sits below the camera, where it seems to be the most ergonomic. Still trying to figure out why they stayed with the rectangle shape. I mean how many people do you know with a rectangle-shaped fingertip? Maybe you’re deciding to keep your S8 instead of buying the latest version and that’s completely your choice! Samsung battery flat? get a new charger cable . This way, that’s the only addition you may be making instead of buying a brand new phone. With this being said, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to find that this phone does well on the market, especially with the specification listed below.

Galaxy S9 Notable Specs

  • Stereo Speakers – Earpiece works with the bottom firing speaker to produce a more stereo sound.
  • Headphone Jack – It’s honestly sad that this is becoming a notable spec.
  • Snapdragon 845 – Is this notable or expected?
  • 4GB RAM in S9, 6GB RAM in S9+ – Why not just put 6GB in both?
  • Battery – 3000mAh in S9, 3500mAh in S9+.
  • Display – 5.8 in. (S9) or 6.2 in. (S9+).
  • Water and dust resistance- IP68 certified
  • Camera – 960fps Super Slow Mo and…


I felt the camera needed its own section. Let’s get the little stuff out of the way. The S9 and the S9+ will sort of have different cameras. The S9 still have the standard single camera, and the S9+ will have a telephoto and wide-angle lens. Yes, the bigger one has dual cameras and more RAM. Along with that, Samsung decided to copy Apple (that never happens, right?) and came up with their own animated emojis. The difference is that Samsung decided to use more of a Nintendo Mii type avatar. The emoji is more human-like.

While that’s a neat trick, the biggest deal to me is the main camera is dual aperture; the lens can use either an f1.5 or an f2.4. If you don’t know, the lower the “f” number, the wider the lens can go to let in more light. That is important if you want to take low light photos. This camera will decide to use the wider aperture if it senses a low light situation.

Samsung already makes some of the best phone cameras on the market and they usually take really good low light photos. Having the really wide aperture should mean your low light photos will be brighter and have less noise. You will be able to have the option to choose which aperture to use in pro mode, but if you would like, the phone can do that for you automatically.

Worth the Upgrade

I’m currently using the S8 and it’s an all around great phone. Would I want to upgrade to the S9? In a word, yes, but that is honestly just because I’m a phone/tech junkie and I need my fix. For most people who have the S8, it’s probably not worth the price. The biggest thing you will get is better low light photos. However, if you have the S7, it is definitely worth upgrading.

Preorders start Friday, March 2, and orders arrive March 16. Will you be getting the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+? Let us know in the comments!

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