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Sony Screws Two Fan Bases at the Same Time With ‘Fortnite’ Block

written by Damian Gordon June 16, 2018
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In the middle of all this E3 hype, one big piece of news is really bumming fans out. Fortnite got a surprise release on Nintendo Switch and Sony has blocked PS4 players from transferring their content to it. Fornite is one of the most popular games out today with the player count sitting at 125 million. If it has an internet connection, Fortnite and its Epic Games accounts are on there.

There is a person that plays it so much, they were sent to rehab because they would rather pee themselves than miss a second. Now, fans are pissed off at the fact they can’t freely play between the PS4 and Switch.

Trying to link accounts gets an error message that lowkey points a finger at Sony. Oh man, Epic Games think they are slick with this politicking.

This Fortnite account is associated with a platform which does not allow it to operate on Switch. Neither the Fortnite website nor Epic Customer Service are able to change this. To play Fortnite on Switch, please create a new account.

The Epic Games account is supposed to be able to allow users to not lose progress between platforms. However, Sony has a stance against cross-platform play of any kind. This means skins, progress, and any kind of purchases will not make it to the Switch.

Rocket League had similar issues when it enabled Switch, Xbox, and PC users to game together. Psyonix described it as easy as the flick of a switch to enable. Why does Sony not want this? Sony released a statement that will definitely calm the outrage.

We’re always open to hearing what the PlayStation community is interested in to enhance their gaming experience

With… more than 80 million monthly active users on PlayStation Network, we’ve built a huge community of gamers who can play together on Fortnite and all online titles.

We also offer Fortnite cross-play support with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, expanding the opportunity for Fortnite fans on PS4 to play with even more gamers on other platforms.

We have nothing further to add beyond this at this point.

Although Epic Games may be staying relatively quiet about things, Nintendo is being straightforward about the issue. Well, more so their meme-famous chief is ready for all the smoke from Sony.

The North American Chief for Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime, spoke about the situation recently. He said:

What competitors do is their decision to make. We believe being both developer-forward and fan-forward is in the best interest of the game.

Either Die a Hero or Live Long Enough to Remember This Quote

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Sony is basically saying this to fans and sees the other two big consoles as competitors. Which they should; Lebron wouldn’t want Kyrie joining their rivals in Golden State. Oh, he’s going to Boston? Cool, they got nobody to fear over there.

They’re in the lead this generation and reverting back to their mentality that priced the PS3 at $600 at launch. This same mentality caused Microsoft & Nintendo to surpass them in sales last gen.

The whole thing just comes off a little anti-consumer, like what handicapped Xbox at the start of this gen with always online DRM. Microsoft has been trying ever since with efforts such as backwards compatibility to win back fans. Who knows what might happen. If there is enough of an outcry then Sony might have to reconsider. For the moment, Fornite players are just going to have to drink at separate water fountains.

Will you continue playing Fornite on PS4? Care about playing it on the Switch? Think Fornite is trash? Leave your comments!

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