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4 Insane Things That Just Cause 4’s New Trailer Tells Us

written by Tyler June 16, 2018
Rico from Just Cause 4 on a bike running from a jet

Do you like Michael Bay? Who doesn’t like Michael Bay? Just Cause 4 is the Michael Bay-esque open world chaos fest that was revealed at E3 this past weekend. Boy, does it look like more chaos than before. We picked up 4 things that we saw in the trailer that gets us more excited to blow stuff up!

1 – Inclement weather

Yeah, that’s an understatement. Their new physics engine has been reworked to support massive tornados, sandstorms and more destructive forces of nature. How we can use the grapples to enemies and make that work together with a tornado is gonna be super fun to experiment with.

2 – Drones!

Oh my! What creative destruction could we come up with for having drones in our arsenal now? It almost looked like a mortar weapon in the video, but it popped up a drone! My guess that it’ll have nuclear capabilities. It has to!

3 – Vehicle varieties

Oh man, we see micro-jets, jet-ski’s, cranes and more! The ability to take a chopper, tether it to another with your grapple is just something else.

4 – Attachable balloons

If you ever played Metal Gear Solid V, then you’ll know where the inspiration came from. Looks like you can attach balloons to vehicles and such and send them on their way! I know some ridiculous combinations will be attempted here.

Honestly, I’m so excited! I played Just Cause 2 and 3, but I haven’t beaten 3 yet. The grapple, wingsuit and parachute are all seeing a return too for 4! It’s just the perfect game to pick up and play. Cause some chaos, do a mission, and get out. Why? Just… Cause.


Just Cause 4 releases on December 4th this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. There’s preorder bonuses through Best Buy, and there’s also Day One, Digital Deluxe and Gold version for preorder.¬†Gold version contains all of the following:

  • Full Game
  • Pre-Order Bonus
  • 24H early access
  • Black Hand Prototype Weaponized Wingsuit
  • Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet
  • Expansion Pass
  • Golden Gear Pack

How about you geeks? Excited to cause chaos in Just Cause 4? Let us know in the comments!

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