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What is eSports?

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg September 11, 2018

If you haven’t heard about the term eSports or who have little knowledge about its intricacies, in just over a minute, you are going to learn all there is to learn about eSportsas soon as you finish reading this article.

Understanding eSports and online gambling

The term eSports in full is called ‘electronic sports’ or in other terms known as ‘pro gaming’, ‘professional gaming’, or ‘competitive gaming’. Up until now, the world of online gambling has been saturated by casino style sites like bandar q online, but now the scene is changing.
Competitive gaming is a relatively new form of gaming in which multiple players, connected to a single server, take part in an organized competition or match. In most instances, players that engage in eSports playat a professional level, or are looking to forge a career within this niche. You can be a professional gambler and many online poker players are professionals.

eSports and online gambling are very similar. You can visit casino sites like Fruity King and sign-up for online poker tournaments and live events. The huge tournaments will have many professional gamers attending every year.

It’s not entirely clear when eSports originated exactly, but there is a general consensus in the gaming industry that the first eSports game, called Space war, was played at Stanford University. The competition organised by the University staff was free of charge for all, but only five players opted to enter.

It was only in the 1990s that eSports came into fruition in the same way that we know it as today. One of the very first eSports games played was ‘Netrek’, a game that was played on the internet that had 16 players competing at its very start. As Netrek began to gain traction, a number of other eSports emerged including the Nintendo World Championships and the Nintendo Power Fest.

Rise in Popularity

In the 1990s, eSports was already a choice for many people, but it was only at the turn of the millennium that it really came to prominence. In essence, there are two factors that really propelled eSports to where it is today and that is the development of both the quality and accessibility of the internet as well as the emergence of televised eSports.

The eSports market thrives when multiple players are all presentand active at the same time. In order to achieve this, competitions are aligned at scheduled dates and there are tons of eSports gaming communities and forums to inform players about important announcements. During the mid-2000s, a number of countries began to showcase eSports via mainstream media like TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. This, in turn, helped to increase the popularity of eSports as many people, including those who did not have access to the internet, were also able to stay in the loop with the action.

The eSports Grading System

There are many ways in which eSports is structured, but the most common grading system is based on competency and skills. The competency approach basicallymeans that there is some sort of promotion(rewarding players who excel) and relegation (punishing players who compete poorly). Thismeans that regardless of whether you are playing a multiplayer online battle arena matcha first-personshooter comp or a real-time strategy game, the quest is to win, otherwise you are relegated from your league (level with the pool of players that have more or less the same skill level as yours).

What do you think of eSports? Do you think it is a valid form of sports entertainment?

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