Wednesday , 18 January 2017

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New Persona 5 Trailer Shows the Team in Action!

The Persona 5 PS4 case

Persona 5: Infiltrating Palaces and “Dealing” With Shadows Persona 5 is a highly anticipated JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) from Atlus that’s coming to the US on April 4th, 2017 for the PS3 and PS4. While the game has already released overseas, gamers in the US have been chomping at the bit to see as much of the game as …

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Play the Full Version of Watch Dogs 2 For Free!

Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft has just announced via blog that they are offering gamers the opportunity to try out Watch Dogs 2, in its entirety, absolutely free. So, if you’ve been on the fence, or are just curious as to what this game is all about, you can now try it at no cost. Starting today on PlayStation 4 and January 24th for Xbox One …

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All Nintendo Switch Consoles at GameStop Already Reserved!

The Nintendo Switch was obviously going to be a pretty big deal ever since it was announced. Nintendo’s next big stake in both the console and mobile gaming market has had people talking ever since more details came out this past Friday about the console itself and what games would be coming along with it. As many gamers sat there …

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Nintendo Switch!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 logo

We have a ton of Nintendo Switch news! This is all following the video game company’s massive presentation. One title that has been eagerly anticipated is the follow-up to Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles. We now have the trailer with official gameplay footage of Xenoblade Chronicles 2! The History of Xeno The Xeno games started out as a product of SquareSoft. Creator Tetsuya Takahashi …

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The Switch: How Much It Cost, When It Will be out, and More!

Switch Price

Nintendo Switch: Price, Release, Online Changes Nintendo’s big Switch presentation is underway and already the news is huge. The first announcement was a world wide release date of March 3rd, 2017. The price came next and it will only net you $299.99 (US) to bring Nintendo’s console home this Spring. Along with those reveals, Nintendo dropped another bombshell. Unlike most …

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The Nintendo Switch Stream: Watch it Here, With DHTG! (11 P.M. EST)


What will happen on tonight’s Nintendo Switch reveal? Will Skyrim be confirmed? What will the exact release date and price point be? All these questions and more will be answered tonight, or tomorrow dependent on your timezone, in the live Nintendo Switch Presentation. That’s right geeks, set the rumors aside and get ready for facts! The presentation is set to begin …

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Prototypes Stolen from the Razer Booth at CES

With all the new exciting and groundbreaking technology coming out, it really is smart to save up the money needed to purchase it be it for necessity or your own personal entertainment purposes. It’s a really sound strategy that’ll pay off. Or in the case of one person, just outright nab an early prototype of said tech from a trade …

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We’re Going to PAX South! The Switch and More Scheduled to Appear!

PAX South 2017 Logo

On January 27-29, Penny Arcade will bring it’s now iconic expo PAX to the south, specifically to San Antonio, TX. PAX South, as it is fittingly called, will host an array of panels from YouTube personalities to top game developers and everything/one in between. This will be the third year—it started in 2015—PAX will host an expo in the good …

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