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Whats New On Crunchyroll This January

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson January 8, 2017
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Grab a tissue, because your nose is about to gush. Start off your 2017 than an anime binge-fest. Crunchyroll has slowly been leaking titles of new additions and here is a list of what we know. Most of the following list is available to premium members today, and to free members in six days. A free two-week trial is available, now might be just the time to sign up and binge the first few episodes free!

New Series

ēlDLIVE is an adaptation of the popular manga series. With alien creatures, strange voices in the hero’s head, and a police force for space, this anime will intrigue any watcher! Watch this clip for more action, and catch the first episode on Crunchyroll now.

eidlive anime poster

Nyanko Days is a heartwarming new anime about friendship and cats. The adorable series follows main character Tomoko and her three cats as she begins a friendship with Azumi. The first episode is available now so go get your kitten fix!

two girls sitting with three cats

Spiritpact is an action filled new anime based on a popular web comic. Following the heiress of an exorcist family and a ghost, the series is about friendship and a lot of evil spirit killing. This anime is available to everyone with an account, so log on and check out the first episode.

girl with sword and ghost

Forest Fairy Five is a whimsical interpretation of a Japanese children’s book about fairies in the modern world. The first look at this series is available now for prime members, and new episodes will release on Friday mornings.

three fairies

Schoolgirl Strikers is an anime adapted from an RPG app! With schoolgirls fighting unknowable evils from the depths of a time rift, the series is sure to be a pleaser. The first episode is available for all members now, check out this clip for a taste of this innovative series!

five girls

Seiren is a dramatic romantic comedy series about a single boy and his relationships with three different girls. The series is a Takayama original, and promises a beautiful story along with stunning animation. The first episode is now available, and Crunchyroll will stream episodes as they air in Japan.

six girls in courtyard

Continuing Series

Sukeroku Anew Arc, the interpretation of popular manga Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, premiered its second season earlier this month. The second season moves on to modern times and the story of the main characters life now. Here is a clip of the first episode and the entire season is available for all members now.

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Releasing Soon

Kemono Friends is a new anime about animals in a zoo turning into people! There are many lovable characters and interesting storylines to follow in the coming series. The premier date is January 10th, so check back for more details on the adorable anime next week.

five girls dressed as animals

Gintama is a manga that has inspired many anime series, and the latest premiers January 8th! The new Gintama series will stream on Crunchyroll as it airs in Japan, check back soon for more updates on characters and the availability of the first episode.

gintama poster

Will you watch any of the new anime? Are you excited for a continuing series? Let me know which of the shows you like in the comments below!

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