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Artichoke Gelatin Dogs and Whole Chicken Cookies: Why We Shouldn’t Trust Computers For Everything Just Yet

written by Maggie Little April 8, 2017

So what happens when you decide to let computers create recipes? Research scientist and popular Tumblr person Janelle Shane went on a mission to find out just that.

Janelle is well known for her hobby of programming neural networks (which are learning programs) to do interesting and weird things. She had previously taught a neural network to create new Pokemon names, tell ‘knock knock’ jokes, and create cocktails, all with hilarious results.


With the idea of having the network create recipes, Janelle fed it hundreds of pages of cookbooks. Once it reached the point sufficient data was browsed, she instructed the neural network to come up with automatically generated recipe titles. The results weren’t that surprising from a computer, but are chuckle worthy nonetheless.

It’s when she told it to get creative with the recipes that things got downright weird. Beef soup with pweef and cheese, artichoke gelatin dogs, and whole chicken cookies were just a few of the absolutely ridiculous generations of the neural network. They’re so ridiculous that it’s funny. Though chocolate pickle sauce really doesn’t sound THAT bad.


Admittedly, the inability of the computer to grasp how to correctly create recipes (well, recipe titles at least) does reassure me somewhat that Skynet turning on mankind is still much further in our future.


But while these recipes are both hilarious and cringe worthy simultaneously, it really is amazing what technology can do now. We’ve come a long ways from room-sized computers and Nokia being the hot new trend in cell phones. Computers are an essential to life today, but there are just some things better left in human hands- creating food being one of them.

What did you think of these funky, computer generated recipe titles? Willing to try any of them? Ever made a computer to do something odd and unique? Tell us about it in the comments!


Source: someecards

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