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Nokia’s New 3310 Continues The Retro Revolution

written by Gareth Holton March 14, 2017

Nokia 3310

‘The icon is back’, proclaims Nokia’s official website.  After countless memes highlighting the original phone’s refusal to die, the Nokia 3310 has returned.  Sporting a polarised curved colour screen as well a redesigned keypad, it’s a nice blend of old and new. A revamped Snake 2 will be included as well as a camera and battery life that has a standby life of 1 month.  Its mp3 player will even be accompanied by an FM radio for crying out loud!

With a world obsessed with revolutionary tech gadgets, gaming consoles and streaming services, nothing beats the opportunity to go back to the basics.  Nokia are jumping on the bandwagon and they’re not alone. Late last year the NES Classic Edition was released and the first batch sold out in mere hours.  Even Nintendo were amazed at just how desperate people were to get their hands on the 16bit boxes.  The consoles and their games were classics and deserve to be experienced with/by a new generation.   You can bet SEGA will follow suit soon enough with mini Genesis’ to do battle against the (hopefully) inevitable release of an official classic mini SNES console.

Star Wars Viny Reissue

Nintendo Classic Mini


Spin That Wheel

Vinyl records are another media format that has seen a serious boost in sales in recent years.  By the end of 2016 in the UK alone, digital download sales had reached £2.1m. Vinyl record purchases reached £2.4m.  David Bowie’s album Blackstar was one of the most popular vinyl releases of last year. Companies such as Mondo, Invada Records and Lakeshore Vinyl are all having huge success producing movie and television soundtrack reissues.  Vinyl is back in a big way.

There’s a huge market for classic tech and retro playthings and we’ve only seen a glimpse of what’s to come.  What piece of history do you want to see make a comeback?  Why do you think people are loving the resurgence of this old tech?  Let us know in the comments below.

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