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Best April Fool’s Pranks From Around the Internet 2017

written by Maggie Little April 8, 2017
April Fool's

April Fool’s Day has really taken off over recent years when it comes to pranks via corporations and others on the internet- and we’re loving it. In past years we’ve had everything from Cards Against Humanity’s ‘Give us 5 dollars’ and digging a hole for no reason, to China ‘banning’ the holiday.

The following is a collection of some of our favorite April Fool’s Day pranks pulled on the internet for 2017.


George Takei announces Congressional Run

April Fool's

Star Trek icon and internet star George Takei took to social media to announce that he was running for Congress, making it seem that the information had leaked. Honestly, this one was pretty disappointing in that it wasn’t true. An excellent prank, nonetheless.
Pornhub convinces users it is sharing videos they watch automatically to Facebook

April Fool's

This prank was as cruel as it was hilarious. When a Pornhub user would select *ahem* videos of their choosing,  a pop-up would let you know that Pornhub shared the video to your timeline, and would automatically share any other watched videos, to save you the trouble of doing it yourself.
Hairy Fairy Calendar

April Fool's

Found via Scary Mommy, photographer Heather Larkin, normally known for taking breathtaking images of children that transform them into mythical creatures, instead released a stunningly hilarious (yet still gorgeous) series of hairy fairies. This “Hairyography” collection has the men posed as everything from fairies, to unicorns and angels.  You can actually purchase these calendars, and help a charitable cause at the same time.


T-Mobile ONEsie

T-Mobile announced a new promotional item to go with their ONE ad campaign. It’s, well, see for yourself….
Amazon announces Petlexa intergration for Amazon Echo

Tired of worrying about your pet being scared and alone when you leave the house? Never fear, Amazon Echo to save the day!


Google Gnome

Google Gnome is an outside device for when you need Google’s assistance. It’s also just plain creepy.


Duolingo teaches users the language of Emoji

Duolingo is a wonderful language program that is top notch in helping educate its users. But why learn French or Spanish, when now you can learn Emoji!


Hulu releases Hu

Hu is a new streaming service from Hulu, where shows are condensed to 8 seconds to keep up with viewer’s attention span.


So, what did you think of these pranks? What were your favorites this year? Pull any good ones yourself? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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