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The best gift you can get the techies in your life this year & GIVEAWAY

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg December 5, 2017

I do not know about you but I lose something at least once a day. The amount of times I’ve had to find a car key replacement near me is unbelievable. This is every day without fail. It might be my keys, I don’t know where I put my belt, maybe my backpack was left in my car…I mean I am really bad about it. The other crazy thing is that doing this for a living and being the geek I am, I run around with some pretty pricey gadgets in my bag and car. Recently some of it has gotten better and I owe it all to, what I am calling “2017 Christmas must have” the Tile. Giveaway below.Tile on Macbook

If you have not seen these at your local store, I can guarantee you at least 50% of your friends or family are using one. Between low-cost, the simplicity of setting up and everyday use the Tile is such a useful gadget. Recently they have also released some newer models that can really fit any lifestyle or item you are wanting to protect from being lost. You can see all of the different models here to find which one is best for you.

So how do they work? Setting up a tile is very easy. You download the Tile app (iOS or Android). It asks you what Tile you have out of their big selection. Then it has you pair the Tile to the device just by pressing the button on the Tile. It then asks you what you will be putting the Tile on. That’s it. One of my favorite features of the Tile is that you may also ring the phone from the Tile as well. So say you have misplaced your phone but have your laptop…BOOM now you can find your phone.

Tile is currently the worlds largest lost and found and uses that to be able to find your items when lost. Reaching out to all tiles to see if one of them is locating the lost item, is all done in the background. The other thing is that it is safe and does not alert Tile users that they are in that group. No way to pull that data to find other things you shouldn’t for you wanna ben badies out there.

I currently have a Tile in my backpack, camera bag, car keys, wallet, and one stuck onto my laptop and I feel safe always knowing where all of my items are at all times. When it comes to items I would love to have in my stocking stuff Tile is the number one and I know I am not the only one out there. Tile has now released multipacks as well so you can get enough for the whole family…or enough for one big klutz like me. Plus the multipacks come with a gift bag so no need to wrap! Check out the Tile Christmas Guide here!

GIVEAWAY! We will be giving away two Tile Pro Series to two of you lucky geeks. Easy to enter. YOU MUST Click the link here and look at which Tile is your favorite. THEN click the contest link below to enter. That’s it. We will be picking two random winners Dec 23rd! #TogetherWeFind

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