Monday , 27 February 2017


Muggles Can Magically Apply Makeup With These Wand Brushes

Set of 5 wand brushes

That’s right! There’s a company making Harry Potter themed wand brushes and they are truthfully the stuff of dreams. Storybook Cosmetics is a small company based in Omaha, Nebraska and is run by three sisters: Mandy, Missy, and Erin. Originally on Instagram, the company posted concept pictures and a coming soon announcement. The internet blew up of excitement. With all of …

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Vans’ Toy Story Shoe Collection Revealed

Popular skate shoe manufacturer Vans has been around for quite some time. Since 1966 to be exact. Over the decades little has changed about their timeless designs—if it ain’t broke and all that. While the feel of classics like the SK8-Hi hasn’t changed, the comfy kicks have seen their fair share of redesigns with some big name collaborators. Not that …

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Kohl’s has Men’s Star Wars shoes and they are on Sale

Star Wars Shoes

Kohl’s has Star Wars shoes for men! This is so ridiculously awesome I can barely contain myself. I’m going to, but just barely. There’s Star Wars Shoes! Finally, someone noticed that adults wear graphic tees too, and cosplay, and would probably love to wear shoes that declare them to be Star Wars fans. Now they just need to do Marvel, …

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‘Alien’ Facehugger Ski Mask – because why not?


In  honor of Alien Day, a holiday I can definitely get behind, there are all sorts of tributes and fan nods being made to an epic franchise. From pinball machines, amazing statues, crazy throwback footwear, awesome concept art – today is a day for Alien fans everywhere. So what better way to celebrate than to have your very own Facehugger …

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Nike drops Chicken and Waffles -Themed Sneakers YUM

Who doesn’t love chicken and waffles? I know I sure do. I think Nike reached in and tapped my inner fat kid and are have released some shoes that look good enough to eat. The Nike SB Dunk High sneaker features a waffle texture on the upper part and dripping syrup Nike Swooshes. This is not a prank and the …

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Batmobile Luggage made for kids…but I want it too!

Batmobile Luggage

I would give anything in the world if toys would have been as cool when I was a kid as they are now. Check out the Batmobile Luggage from Welly, and is officially licensed by DC Comics. Bad news for you geeks out there trying to buy right now…SOLD OUT! Just think how cool you would be rolling into a …

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Looks like I found my next belt buckle! Krang Belt Buckle FTW!

I recently came across a super wicked belt buckle over on Fashionably Geek for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans out there! Etsy seller Christoper Genovese of CG’s Freakshop has put together a wicked cool Krang from TMNT oversized belt buckle. “KRANG from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! This oversized belt buckle is BIG, but more comfortable and wearable than you would …

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Star Wars Makeup Light or Dark Side?

Not in a galaxy far, far away….all of the nerdy makeup gurus out there can rejoice! (cue the Star Wars theme song) CoverGirl has created a Star Wars Makeup Collection (Limited Edition) complete with the Light Side and the Dark Side! Just in time for you to get your looks prepped for The Force Awakens! Four products are at the core …

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