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Stupidiotic’s Pizza Pouch lets you take pizza anywhere

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. June 14, 2016
the Pizza Pouch from Stupididiotic

the Pizza Pouch from Stupidiotic

When I first heard about the Pizza Pouch I thought it was a hilariously dumb idea that might make a couple of my friends giggle. The Portable Pizza Pouch itself is a plastic pocket you can wear around your neck that can hold a slice of Pizza. That way you can make sure that you always have a slice of pizza handy, just in case you should need it. Ridiculous as it sounds, the article was very popular on Facebook. Well over 100 of my Facebook friends thought it was good enough to share, so I decided to really pay attention.

Pizza Pouch - a lanyard for Pizza

It turns out the company that makes the portable Pizza Pouch, Stupidiotic, specialises in hilariously dumb ideas. They stock Emergency Red Noses, Adult Mood Rings and Strings for your Air Guitar. Their selection of Geeky items includes a set of 3 clocks that separately tell you the hour, minute and second, a bluetooth speaker toilet roll holder, and a Doze Alarm, a wearable device that sounds an alarm whenever you nod off. These are just a few of the items, along with the popular Portable Pizza Pouch, they have available.

Swiggies wrist water bottles from Stupidiotic

Some of the ideas seem almost practical, like the Swiggies. They’re a matching pair of water bottles that attach to your wrists. Since they’re capable of holding 16 fluid ounces between them, you could carry your favorite¬†beverage with you at all times. The Swiggies would go very well with the slice of pizza in your Pizza Pouch, and you still leave your hands free to open a can of dehydrated water¬†or steer your Scooter Luggage.

Head to stupidiotic.com to see all their other ridiculous, weird and goofy stuff, and then post your favorites in the comments below.

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