Thursday , 19 January 2017


iCloud Calendar Spam Invitations? Here’s How to Prevent More!

We all hate computer spam. I hate it, you hate it, and your neighbor George definitely hates it. No one really ever enjoys it since there are some emails that you really need that could end up in the spam folder and if your the kind that just blindly empties your spam box everyday, that email you needed is never …

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Chromecast? Google Cast? Chroogle Cast?

Three 2nd gen Chromecast dongles in yellow, black, and red.

Google changed the name of its unbelievably successful Chromecast technology – again. The search giant launched Chromecast back in 2013. It was a simple and inexpensive way to play any content from your Android device or Chrome browser on your TV. Simply fire up one of your favorite video or music apps, and it streams to the $35 HDMI dongle. Google …

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Pixel Phone by Google, Hacked in a Minute!

Google Pixel in Quite Black - top tech 2016

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Google Pixel? Apparently, all it takes is a small team of white hat hackers from Chinese security company Qihoo 360. The team of good guys hacked into a Pixel in yes – SIXTY SECONDS. The challenge was part of the 2016 PwnFest hacking competition in Seoul. Afterwards, Google’s Chrome …

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Google Will Have Election Results Available As Soon As the Polls Close

Google has played an intricate part in getting today’s tech-savvy world involved in the voting process. I used their service to find my polling place, and they’ve even been helping people through the steps of registering to vote. Google announced today that they’re going to skip the newscasts and display the results of the U.S. elections via search and available …

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Spider-Man 2099 Artist Launches Superhero Drawing App

Many of us that read comic books have no doubt at one point or another thought of an idea for our own comic book we’d like to make. Admit it, come on, I have too. Now just about any of us can think of the idea and maybe write it out, but drawing is a skill that sadly we all …

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Bat-drone in development

The University of Illinois and Brown University are working on a bat-drone. I’ve yet to see any evidence that the project is funded by Wayne Enterprises, but it seems likely. They’re trying to come up with an energy-efficient alternative to the traditional quad-rotor drone. The National Science Foundation has provided the funds, $2.2 Million, to replicate the flight pattern of …

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Understand everyone with the Pilot Translator

The Pilot is available in 3 colors

The Pilot in-ear translator lets you hear English when the person talking to you is speaking French, Spanish or Italian, and lets them hear their own language back. I think that’s amazing. It’s not quite on par with a Star Trek universal translator, or even a Babel fish from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the books, not the unfortunately disappointing …

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Changes To Twitter 140 Character Limit

Alas! Twitter users will be relieved to hear that posting pictures and links will no longer affect your 140 character limit posts. According to Bloomberg, the change could take place within two weeks, however the source has not been revealed due to the fact that the decision to add these changes have not been made public knowledge. Links can take up to …

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