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The Fantastic Four Return to Marvel Comics this Summer!

written by Jordan Cobb March 30, 2018
cover of fantastic four #600

Well, it took long enough but finally, the Fantastic Four will properly return to Marvel Comics this summer! Marvel announced that the first family of comics will star in a brand new monthly ongoing series written by Dan Slott and drawn by Sara Pichelli. This will be the first book for the team since April 2015, and the first time they will be seen together since the Marvel event Secret Wars. In the books, Reed and Sue Richards went off to the cosmos with their children as Johnny and Ben stayed here and got into numerous adventures on their own.

Many, like longtime Fantastic Four writer Jonathan Hickman, speculated benching the Four was because of the film rights dispute between Disney and Fox. Now that Disney bought Fox, looks like all is well. Hooray, because while Marvel has been putting out some stellar books, the absence of the whole Fantastic Four team was always at the back of my head, and it bugged the hell out of me.

Fantastic Four Promo Art

In a New York Times interview, Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski spoke about bringing the team back:

We always knew the Fantastic Four would come back. We were waiting for the right time and the right creative team to bring them back.

The book will begin in August as Slott comes off his (let’s say for both good bad) memorable 10-year-run writing Spider-Man across a whole number of Spidey books. Slott shared his excitement about writing the book:

I started my adventures in the Marvel Universe with a freaked-out Reed Richards, the Watcher and the Silver Surfer. I’ve wanted this for so long.

For all the flack Slott may get, he has proven to be a fantastic writer before. For example, there is the aforementioned award-winning Silver Surfer run and his hilarious meta She-Hulk book, and I’ll admit I came around to Superior Spider-Man. Plus, he has written a Spider-Man/Human Torch book, so he’s already got FF experience.

Sara Pichelli, co-creator of Miles Morales, shared her excitement as well:

I can’t wait to draw a lot of the characters, but there’s one in particular I can’t reveal yet. You will know why they’re my favorite when you read the book!

Pichelli is also a great fit as she is a dynamic artist. She draws people, props, and perspective incredibly well. Pichelli draws some really good action, and man I am getting excited about this book the more I hear about it!

Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 1 200

This is part of Marvel’s summer rebranding, which sees Slott also taking over Iron Man. Slott has said he wants to write up to at least 55 issues of the book so he can write the official 700th issue of the book.

August can’t come soon enough!

How excited are you for the return of the Fantastic Four? Who do you want to see in the book? Let us know in the comments!

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