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Felicia Day Will Be Celebrating Her First Geeky Mother’s Day As A Geeky Mom

written by Quinzel Lee May 1, 2017
Felicia Day holding baby girl

Mother’s day is just around the corner, so it’s time to celebrate our geeky mom’s. Felicia Day is definitely a top level geek. Now she can add “Mom” to her long list of accomplishments. She started off as a college math and music major before getting into the world of acting. Felicia has appeared on shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, and Eureka. Felicia is also great at dominating the web video world; such Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog and The Guild. She also is one of the founders of Geek and Sundry.

Felicia Day is pretty busy these days, and is even busier now with a new baby. On January 30, 2017, she gave birth to a girl that she named Calliope Mauve. Having a baby didn’t slow this geek down. She goes on to prove that you can have a baby and not worry about leaving your geekiness behind. Here’s a picture of her before giving birth to Calliope. Felicia’s baby bump is very visible, while wearing an “As Seen On Your Mom” hat. I bet she keeps her baby girl laughing all the time.

Felicia Day pointing to baby bump

It’s no secret that Felicia Day loves attending comic conventions. I was able to catch up with her at Planet ComicCon in Kansas City. As I waited for her in line, staff and fans all gushed about how kind she was to everyone, and how she genuinely seemed like she loved interacting with them. When she walked behind her booth, she began to engage with the folks standing in line, asking how our morning was going, and telling us about some great barbecue she had while she was in town.

She allowed me to ask her one question, so I asked her what was the best thing about being a geeky mom. Her face lit up as she began to answer my question:

“You get to dress your child in all the things that you don’t want to put on your own body, and she’s too small to take it off or to feel self conscious about being a mushroom.”

She seems like such a laid back awesome new mom. I hope her first Mother’s Day as a mom will be amazing for her.

Can you think of any other geeky moms that deserve a shout out? List them off in the comments below! Or let us know what you think about Felicia Day and her new baby girl.

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