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Geeky Moms Who Cosplay: They Are The Real MVPs

written by Quinzel Lee May 11, 2017
geeky mom in family cosplay photo

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and geeky moms deserve a special recognition.

I attended PlanetComicon in Kansas City and had the opportunity to meet two families who definitely represented the following motto: The family that cosplays together, stays together.

I got to meet Elizabeth and Bethany. They are both geeky moms with a full set of family cosplays. Elizabeth attended with her husband, Jeremy, and their two children: Jillion, age 9 and Joseph, age 13. Bethany has four children (and one on the way) with husband Jeremiah. Their children’s names are Zowie, age 11, Felicity, age 8, Christopher, age 5, and Emma, 13 months.

The kids, though obviously excited (Christoper exclaimed “I saw someone dressed as Darth Vader!” before going back to being shy) were extremely well behaved and happy to be at the con. These women seemed to really enjoy cosplay and their children fell right into their footsteps. Each child excitedly told me how much they love cosplaying, what their favorite cosplay was, and how much they loved getting help from their mom.┬áThe husbands of these wonderful moms were thrilled also, by participating in the family cosplay as well.

The Beginnings of Family Cosplay


Geeky mom cosplaying with her family

Bethany with her family, from left to right Zowie (11), Christopher (5) Bethany (mom), Felicity (8) and Jeremiah (dad)

Elizabeth and her family actually just recently got into cosplay “We actually got started in cosplay about three years ago…it wasn’t a real big push in my family…the older we got the more into it we got” Elizabeth says, though Bethany is quite the opposite. She says she had been cosplaying all the time when she was younger and well before she married into the family. Bethany is married to Elizabeth’s brother, Jeremiah, so now the two families join forces and continue in their own cosplay.

Felicity, Bethany’s daughter, ┬áremembers her first cosplay as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Jillion, Elizabeth’s daughter, remembers her first cosplay as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who. Her brother Joseph was dressed as the Tenth Doctor.

Experiences as a Geeky, Cosplaying Mom

I took the moment to ask if either of the moms had received any criticism for getting their children into comics. I was very pleasantly surprised by their answers.

“We’ve actually had a pretty good experience.” Elizabeth tells me. “We were a little worried because my husband is a pastor in a church and we thought ‘how are they going to take this?’ but our church actually thinks it’s great! And they always bring us broken Nerf guns and just, like, weird things that they find that light up or something. They’re like “we thought you might be able to use this for cosplay” I asked if she had any negative experiences and how she handles that “A few times we’ve had people just…not understand it. So when we take the time to talk to them about it, they tend to be really supportive.”

“I think you hear some of the toxic stories about the cosplay community and we haven’t really experienced any of that, especially with the kids,” Jeremy, Elizabeth’s husband, adds “…that was our big thing is that we just want our kids in this kind of thing and we are so grateful”

Bethany gave advice for moms who want to get their families into cosplay but just aren’t sure how it will be received “You gotta do what you love, we’re only here for so long.” Bethany says

Spoiler Alert: These Women Win The “Best Mom Ever” Award

Geeky mom getting group hug from her kids

Bethany (mom) with kids Zowie (11), Christopher (5), and Felicity (8)

You can tell that to both Elizabeth and Bethany, family is everything. They not only enjoy cosplaying, but they love the fact that cosplaying is something that the whole family can enjoy. Bethany told me the best part of being a cosplay mom “Not only are you getting to learn what type of characters your kids like but you are also get to learn more about them while you are doing the cosplay.”

“Being able to show my kids this world.” Elizabeth adds “We’ve been able to meet a lot of people [such as] Abby DarkStar and Keith Dragon and 1,000 Faces Cosplay. It provides some really cool role models for my kids.”

The kids chimed in and let me know what they loved about having a cosplaying mom. Zowie and Felicity both agreed that they loved getting help from their moms in making their costumes, while Jillion, Elizabeth’s daughter, told me how much she loves that the cosplaying as a group makes them more recognizable.

The hard work of these geeky moms were not lost on their husbands. Both men showed appreciation to their wives being involved in the geek world. “I’m just always super amazed at how talented she is..” Jeremy, Elizabeth’s husband, says “She’ll say ‘I’m gonna make something’ and I’ll say ‘that’s gonna be impossible’ and then she goes out and does it… I’ve very proud to be her husband because she does great amazing work” Bethany’s husband Jeremiah chimed in as well, telling us the best part of watching his wife do cosplay. “My favorite part is that I like cosplay, so having a wife that enjoys cosplays makes it that much more enjoyable and easier for me.”

geeky mom group hug with family

Elizabeth (mom) with husband Jeremy (dad) and kids Jillion (9) and Joseph (13)

Both moms are really looking forward to mothers day. Elizabeth’s Mother’s Day tradition is that she usually gets a season of Doctor Who for Mother’s Day. She remarks that she will be all caught up in a few years. Bethany laughed when I asked her if she does anything nerdy for mother’s day. “We do nerdy things everyday” Bethany remarked, as her family laughed in agreement.

So here’s to you, Geeky Moms! May the geek always be with you!

What do you guys think? Did these moms inspire you to have your kids (future or present kids) to do cosplay? Are you a mom who also cosplays with her kids? Give us all the details in the comments below!

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