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Mother’s Day Is Here: A Look At The Top Moms In Geek Fandoms

written by Christina Ortega Phillips May 12, 2018
Moms in Geek Fandom

Mother’s Day is here! I celebrate both Dia de Las Madres (which is Mother’s Day in Mexico and it falls on May 10th every year) and American Mother’s Day, which falls on May 13th this year. In both cultures it is a day to remember, celebrate, and be grateful for our moms. This year, I thought we could take a look at some of the top moms in geek fandoms.  

The following list, presented in no particular order, is not necessarily of the “best” moms, but ones that are special in their own way and exemplify what it means to be a good mother.

Piper Halliwell, Charmed

Piper Halliwell, a top mom in geek fandoms, with her sons Wyatt and Chris

I like her because she one of the badass, kickass moms who did not embrace the normal pink and frilly maternity clothes. On most shows if someone has a kid, the child is sometimes forgotten about or is always with a sitter. At first, Piper was hesitant about being a mom because of how kids would not fit into her demon-hunting lifestyle. She never stopped being afraid of the danger they were in and protected them at all costs. Being a witch never interfered with being a good mom and Piper did both well.


Molly Weasley, the Harry Potter series

Molly Weasley, a top mom in geek fandoms, fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts

Mrs. Weasley, a biological mother of 7, also took in Harry and treated him as her own. The Weasleys were known to have little money and yet the children never went without the necessities. Molly was incredibly supportive of her children, loving them, flaws and all. Besides being a great cook, knitter and mom, Mrs. Weasley was also a badass. She joined the revived Order of the Phoenix and who can forget how she joined in the Battle of Hogwarts and protected Ginny from Bellatrix?


Mary Winchester, Supernatural

Mary Winchester, a top mom in geek fandoms, with her sons Sam and Dean

Now, I know this one can be debatable for some. If you haven’t seen past season four, you may want to skip ahead to the next name on the list. Yes, it is Mary’s fault that the boys became hunters since she did make that deal with Azazel, but let’s try to look past that. Despite making that deal, Mary retired and started to raise her boys hoping that they wouldn’t become hunters. Then she died. And yes, she was standoffish when she was first resurrected, and yes, she took off soon after, but let’s look at why. Mary was in a new time period and wanted to get back to what she knew as normal: demon-hunting. Had she not taken her break from her sons, they would have taken care of her, helping her to acclimate to their modern day and they may have been at risk while on jobs because they would have been more worried about her safety then their own. That said, Mama Winchester is also a badass demon-hunting woman who does truly love her boys, so she is on this list.


Charity Carpenter, The Dresden Files

Charity Carpenter, a top mom in geek fandoms, with her seven kids

First introduced in Grave Peril (the third book of the series), she is a human female married to Michael Carpenter, a Knight of the Cross. In the first book she appears in, she is only seen as a pregnant wife who gets kidnapped and then saved. However, later in the series, she is fiercely protective of her husband and kids. It is later revealed that she used to have magical abilities that she let wither away. Not having magic does not stop her from being able to save her kids when fairies come to attack them, though.


Topanga (Lawrence) Matthews, Girl Meets World

Topanga Matthews, a top mom in geek fandoms, with her family

Anyone who grew up watching Boy Meets World does not need to be introduced to Topanga. In the original series, she was a unique spirit and her relationship with Corey could be referred to as legendary. In the Disney reboot of the show, we see that Topanga has become a lawyer and is junior partner in a law firm. But being a lawyer does not stop Topanga from making time for her two children whom she is always there for and is very supportive of. She even acts like a mom to her daughter’s best friend, Maya.


What do you think? Which moms from geek fandom would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments.

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