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Food Wars! anime getting season 3 this fall

written by Alex Lopez June 25, 2017

Fans of the popular anime series Food Wars! better get in line for the next serving. The third season of the anime is coming out this fall and will be called Food Wars! The Third Plate.

food wars!

The new season follows the battle against the Council of Ten. While teased in the last season, the battle for the Council seats will be the primary focus of season 3. As expected, main character Soma Yukihira will no doubt have his sights set on the top spot. But as we have seen before, he has some tough competition. Aspiring chefs like Erina Nakiri and current Council member Eishi Tsukasa are not going down without a fight. While it may be tough, Yukihira finds ways to create amazing dishes to wow the judges and students alike.

At this time, there is no word on the length of the new season. The first season of Food Wars! was a full 24 episodes, while season 2 was only 12. The first season focused on Yukihira and his journey at the academy, finding his place among his peers. By the second season, Yukihira turned his focus on becoming a member of the Council of Ten. With the new season focused on the Council, it looks like we will finally see if Yukihira has what it takes to sit on the Council.

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