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June’s List of Free Games For PlayStation Plus Members

written by Jason Marcano June 5, 2016

“Free”: a magical word that no savvy shopper can resist and one PlayStation Plus subscribers look forward to each month.

Announced via their blog on May 31st, Sony has announced their list of free games for the month of June. The list is brimming with exciting titles and sleeper hits.

For the PS4 we have:

  • NBA2K16: It’s an excellent basketball game and it’s out just in time for the NBA finals.
  • Gone Home: Console Edition; It’s an amazing game that’s much better than its premise sounds. It will reward you curiosity with a deep, award winning story.

For the PS3 (because they haven’t forgotten you still own one):

  • Echochrome: A unique puzzle game with a soothing soundtrack that has you manipulating a black and white environment to solve M.C. Escher-esque puzzles.

And it’s always nice to see some PSVita love:

  • God of War: Chains of Olympus: The fourth game in the series released that serves as a prequel of sorts.
  • Little Deviants: An adorable puzzle/adventure game that utilizes every feature the Vita has under its belt.

This is definitely a great month to be a PlayStation Plus member. Be sure you geeks snag these games up as soon as possible because, once June is over you’ll have to pay for them if you want to play them. Also, as long as you’re a member of PS Plus you can play these games indefinitely. So clear out some hard drive space and make room for some of these amazing titles.

And remember, Games are like beer in that you really can’t complain about a free one.

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