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Here’s Our Take On Microsoft’s And Sony’s E3!

written by Gary Hoy June 19, 2018
E3 2018 Logo

E3 was very different this year.

Microsoft and Sony never fail to disappoint, in most cases anyway. The differences between their conferences this year was definitely night and day. In the past, Sony would continuously show video reels of a game after another game and keep the hits coming. That honor seemed to be that of Microsoft this year.

After one game was finished being shown, another soon hammered the screen and sent the crowd into a frenzy. Whether it was a 1st or 3rd party, the hits just kept coming. You didn’t even get a chance to recover from the last trailer or demonstration of gameplay before another struck you in the face. Xbox One is definitely looking to invade more living rooms this Holiday season and next year.

I couldn’t even talk to my roommate about the last trailer before another had us completely changing the subject. This is how you most definitely put on a show. I never found myself bored, in fact even with the ability to just pause the video and walk away for a bathroom break. I found that I wasn’t doing so.

Microsoft added to my pull list this E3.

Each exclusive looks very solid even if it’s not all my cup of tea. I’ve never been a fan of racing games, but Forza is definitely a beautiful looking game and the weather changes, beautiful visuals, and free racing has me very curious. I have to admit that this company did their jobs very well to intrigue me.

Halo is simply Halo. I played Halo with friends for hours on end. Mowing down hordes of Covenant and Flood. I spent most of my time over the years on Reach. I am definitely ready for another run and gun with the Master Chief.

I’ve never been huge on the Xbox platform. Having grown up poor it was difficult to play both consoles and I usually got PlayStation. I dabbled here and there, but I never dove deep into Gears of War. I now recently having acquired the console and all the games intend to play catch up after the amazing showing of Gears.

There is never a doubt on the performance of Xbox and how a 3rd party game plays on the console. Each looked smooth and even as somebody who usually plays on Sony’s platform, I still got a good look at games I’ve been waiting to see and play for a very long time.

For the first time ever on Xbox. shown on a Microsoft E3 Stage. Kingdom Hearts.

Screenshot from Kingdom Hearts 3 Frozen Stage from E3

Source: Square-EnixE3 fire off another pleasant surprise. The Kingdom Hearts series has always graced the screens of PlayStation consoles for over a decade. Not only was it a bombshell, but we also got to see the new worlds from Frozen, Wreck it Ralph, Tangled, and then the only gripe I had with the trailer was the huge spoiler at the end. This announcement excited me, especially since I had very recently been grinding through every game in the library of this amazing story.

I enjoyed The Divison for what it was and now I find myself looking forward to exploring the streets of D.C. and fighting as a part of a resistance to stop the ever-growing virus and put down each and every psycho who just wants to oppress the masses. The well-rounded teamwork was fun to watch, although we know that’s not actually how people play the game, at least in my experience. We usually see each squad member run out, guns blazing and screwing up the whole mission.

A little something for the Anime Fans!

E3 had another pleasant surprise for all the anime fans out there, those of Shounen Jump to be exact. I was pleasantly surprised when the announcement of a game coming from Bandai Namco was being discussed on stage. I was never expecting a display of Naruto, Luffy, and Goku, in the same trailer.

Jump Force is a game in the vein of things such as J Star Victory Vs. and the like. You’ll be able to play as a list of Shounen Jump heroes and villains and beat the crap out of each other. I can’t think of a better time with the resurgence of Dragonball Super this summer, a new YuYu Hakusho anime coming, Boruto being on fire, and well One Piece will probably never end. The visuals were stunning from the short camera pan of Frieza’s ship to the amazing transformation into Kyuubi.

Screenshot from Jump Force of Kyuubi Naruto from E3

Source: Bandai Namco

Sony takes the E3 stage for an interesting display.

Do I have to ask if I am the only one that saw the Twilight Zone episode that occurred at E3? In the passing years, the video reel for Sony is normally just throwing games in your face, but the approach was far different this year. The new approach seemed to be showing off far more exclusives and leaving out the 3rd party titles like previous years. The conference felt more like an experience for those in the audience and very confusing to those at home.

We started off with the amazing visuals of The Last of Us 2. Expecting just a very large cutscene reel here showing a few in-game engine scenes. I admit as a writer, I was pleasantly surprised by the segway from a tender romantic moment transitioning into the violent and frantic gameplay. The concert used as a precursor to the showing was interesting and I enjoyed the music, it just seemed very odd.

Sony showed off more exclusives from the likes of Sucker Punch, Remedy, and Insomniac. I’m not saying they didn’t bring high energy to the convention, but it did seem like a huge difference from previous years of coming out swinging.

They dictated the pace giving the crowd time to catch a breather before showing the next. I wasn’t disappointed as I had read some were. I felt this was paced very well and held my attention very well.

The hits just keep coming.

There was a great surprise in showing at this years E3. Ghost of Tsushima has added yet another title to pull list. The game reminded me of Bushido Blade and perhaps some Onimusha being present. The display of each individual plant life being rendered up close and seeing the cluster render from afar to keep everything in the environment from wildlife to our protagonist’s garb moving was flawless.

Remedy displayed Control, showing me a game I didn’t even know I wanted until the end of the of the display. I got chills seeing something that reminded me of Star Wars The Force Unleashed, grabbing everything with the force and throwing it at my enemies so I can initiate a counter attack. The full moving environment and ever-changing consistency have me intrigued to jump right into this title.

For the Grand Finale

I’m a comic book geek. I’ve been a comic book geek since I was 9 years old. I didn’t want to read and my grandmother gave me a copy of this magical book about a man who can climb walls. I found from that moment I was hooked and I had a brand new hero to look up to. For 24 years I’ve read every story about this web-slinging hero, even those really bad Clone Saga and One More Day ones.

Insomniac punched that geek card with the greatest display of Spider-Man footage and combat that I have seen to date. It truly feels like in this title, that you are Spider-Man. Using web balls to stick your opponents to walls and tangling them up in situations of being outnumbered. Exploiting your Spidey sense at every moment to avoid danger. This is all that makes an Amazing Spider-Man.

Screenshot of Spider-Man PS4 at E3

Source: PlayStation.com

Ending my two heavily invested days of E3 with a scene shown straight out of a comic book. Spider-Man is on the ground and struggling to fight off 5 members of what appears to be the Sinister Six. He looks up an off-screen enemy after hearing a loud clank and exclaims his shock at the being. I’m going to speculate that clank was a metal tentacle slamming into the ground, just saying.

Who added to your pull list? Did you like one conference more than the another? Are you looking forward to this and next year’s games? Let us know below.

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