Monday , 20 February 2017

Geek Art Spotlight: Elly Supalo an SFX makeup artist

Elly Supalo, or EllyCatt on Instagram, is a Special Effects Make Up Artist who has some incredible talent that has come across my Facebook feed on more than one occasion. She has been sharing her art across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and has a solid following across all three because of her impressive work so I would be doing you a disservice if I did not share it with you Geeks here.

These transformations are impressive and the work is nearly seamless which is the sign of an amazing SFX artist. A good example of that is the picture that has been generating the most buzz. Fair warning it’s not exactly for the squeamish.

Elly Cat in Angler Fish inspired make up

I’ve looked the picture over closely, as has my wife (who studied in the same style of SFX art), and the only spot we see that gives a hint, we missed twice looking over it. The effect is jarring too, when you first see the picture the immediate reaction is a gut reaction. There isn’t a moment hesitation of saying this is fake, at least for me, and it took me a moment to catch myself. It’s not all hideous monsters and rainbows, check out this picture from her Instagram.

I love the color in this piece and it shows off a lighter side to her work. Either way she should really be trying out for Face-Off on the Sci-fi Channel at this point. As it is be sure to follow her on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook so she knows how amazing her work is. I’ve included a slideshow below but be warned, some of it is not for the squeamish.

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