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A Ghoulish Reveal: Tokyo Ghoul’s Live Action Film Unveils Iconic Mask

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson December 17, 2016
Keneki in mask

Tokyo Ghoul, the popular manga and anime series, is being translated to live-action! This new photo release reveals actor Masataka Kubuta who portrays Kaneki in his iconic mask!

Not familiar with Tokyo Ghoul? Here’s a brief synopsis to give a taste of this amazing series! Ghouls are running rampant through Japan and are at war with the human race. They are said to eat only human flesh and have no conscience or moral compass left. Ken Kaneki is an average college student who is thrilled to be asked on a date by the beautiful Rize only to find she is a ghoul. After an unexplainable accident, Kaneki is rescued only to be turned into a half ghoul himself. It is up to him to bear the burden of both humanity and the monster he has become.

The Mask

The most iconic image from both the manga and anime is Kaneki’s mask. Masks help ghouls hide their faces while they use their powers. This allows them to live almost-human lives. Kaneki is only a half ghoul, so his mask must cover the eye that reveals his secret of being half human. The mask design from the manga and anime is below.

Keneki in mask

Christian Dada, a popular Japanese fashion designer, designed and created the iconic mask for the live-action film! He also created the masks and wardrobes of all other ghouls in the film. Dada’s aesthetic is classical Japanese elements with a rebellious twist, making him the perfect designer for the job. As a fan of the original manga, I have no doubt that his interpretations will be perfect for the upcoming film. His sketch of Kaneki’s one eyed mask is featured below!

Kaneki mask sketches

The mask used in the filming of the live-action Tokyo Ghoul will be on display at Jump Festa is coming weekend. Expect more pictures and updates to come, including a few minutes of footage! Here is the new photo of Kubuta in the iconic mask!


Cast and Crew

The entire cast has experience with anime voice acting. Also the two lead actors Masataka Kubuta (Ken Kaneki) and Fumika Shimizu (Tōka Kirishima) have roles in many other live-action translations! Other announced roles include Yuu Aoi as Rize, Noboyuki Suzuki as Amon, and Yo Oizumi as Mado! The film’s director is Kentarô Hagiwara, whose past work includes the popular short “Super Star! It’s safe to say this cast will do the series justice.

Filming for the live-action film is already finished! All filming reportedly took place between July and September of this year. The scheduled release date for Japan is summer of 2017! There is not currently any word of when the film will reach North American audiences.

Check here for coming updates on the Tokyo Ghoul live-action film! Do you like Dada’s interpretation of Kaneki’s mask? Will you watch the live-action film? Let us know in the comments below!

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