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How Much Would You Pay for an Infinity Gauntlet Cup?

written by Quinzel Lee May 27, 2018
Thanos with Infinity Gauntlet

Disneyland has no shortage of awesomely delicious foods for your favs. The Infinity Gauntlet Cup isn’t even edible and it’s flying off shelves faster than some of Disney’s previous food creations. Since Disney is now in a very committed relationship with Marvel, it’s no wonder that they would come up with something original to sell with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. Hence, The Mouse gives us Infinity Gauntlet Cups!

Only available at Disneyland’s California Aventure Park, these Infinity Gauntlet Cups are hard to come by. At $20 a piece, Disney tried to slow the sale of the cup by limiting the purchase to one per customer.  However, even with that limitation, these cups are fading fast.

Stuck in the middle of the country with no way to get to Disneyland? Well, there is one other option. There are a few folks that have snagged these limited edition souvenir cups, but it will cost you. Looks like the bidding is starting at 8 times the cost of the cup in the park. Don’t forget shipping costs. However, if you’re a major fan of the movie, paying $160 for a cup (that may or may not have already been used) may be worth it to you!

I feel like this would be a good thing for a teacher to have in her classroom. “Write your paper or I’m gonna make half of you guys disappear while I sip my coffee!”

It’s no wonder that the Infinity Gauntlet Cup is selling out and has such high bids on eBay. Avengers: Infinity War has been doing exceptionally well in the theaters. Despite ripping out our hearts and stomping on them, Avengers: Infinity War has seen sales up to 1 billion worldwide. So, I mean, what’s another $20 to sip on?

woman drinking from infinity gauntlet cup in disneyland

So tell us, how much would you pay to get your hands on one of these cups? Are any of you geeks going to Disneyland anytime soon? Did any of you get lucky enough to snag an Infinity Gauntlet Cup for yourself? Leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

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