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Launch Date For ‘Life Is Strange 2’ Revealed!

written by Tyler June 23, 2018
Life Is Strange 2's Predecessor, showing Chloe pointing a gun

It’s here! It’s finally here! What was seemingly missing from E3 was the actual sequel to 2015’s critically acclaimed darling story; Life Is Strange 2. While there’s not much to go on, Square Enix released a teaser trailer with only a launch date:

Yeah, it’s not much to go on. However, I’ve found Life Is Strange is such a polarizing title. There are people who are hate it, but those who love it, love it to death. Just like me. I’m actually listening to Life Is Strange’s soundtrack right now. We do know that Dontnod Entertainment will have Life Is Strange 2 over the course of 5 episodes like its predecessor, and will not take place in the same city; Arcadia Bay.

What was revealed at E3 was The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit, which apparently takes place in the same universe. Since it’s being released for free on June 26th, one would think it’s simply a marketing gimmick for Life Is Strange 2. Apparently Captain Spirit will tie into the story of Life Is Strange’s sequel, however Square Enix said no other details for Life Is Strange 2 will be revealed before August. What’s interesting is that apparently your save game from Captain Spirit will impact choices from Life Is Strange 2.

Life Is Strange's little miniseries, showing Captain Spirit

Captain Spirit himself!

If you’ve played Life Is Strange already (you obviously have because it’s absolutely amazing), and you need more content from those stories to tide you over until this September, then check out the prologue miniseries released in 2017, Before The Storm. It’s a 3-episode story that follows Chloe and her friend Rachel and the events that inform the original Life Is Strange.  What’s unfortunate is that Life Is Strange 2′s release date is only for episode 1, so here’s hoping they will release episodes faster than it’s predecessor.

What about you geeks? Are you as crazy excited as I am for Life Is Strange 2? Tell us in the comments on how you’ve already set aside cash for it!


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