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‘Incredibles 2’ Video Review: Jack-Jack Should Be a Super Villain!

written by Damian Gordon June 23, 2018
Dash & Violet driving in Incredibles 2

Now with 100% more moving pictures in what the young people call video, the Incredibles 2 video review is here and the movie is still awesome. There is a lot to like from Incredibles 2 and I’m definitely digging this follow up to the 2004 original. The clever and hilarious writing combined with emotionally poignant scenes make this great.

I’ve had a long time to sit on this film and I still feel as good about it weeks later. The third act sees the Incredibles 2 trip on the cool story it was delivering. However, it doesn’t change the fact this is a great film.

Spoilery-Sequel Talk

So Jack-Jack is going to be a villain in the future, right? This kid is too powerful, like Hulk in Planet Hulk or even Professor X’s twisted son Legion. Maybe the government is going to try to lock him away at some point. If that fight he had is any indication of his mean streak, then the family is going to have a problem on their hands.

How do you discipline someone who can do virtually anything he wants? Having Jack-Jack be the antagonist of Incredibles 3 would make things come full circle and give another check to Syndrome having good taste in picking evil students. Hopefully, there will be a time jump so we can look at all the characters at another point in life.

I’m surprised this is one of the few animated movies Disney has not turned into a show yet. There are a bunch of different directions they could take with the characters using a time jump. Let’s all hope that we won’t need hearing aids by the time the sequel comes out.

What Do You Think About ‘Incredibles 2’?

Do you think Jack-Jack has bad guy potential? Is this sequel better than the original? Leave us your comments!

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