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I Love These Post-E3 ‘The Last Of Us part II’ Fan Theories

written by Iris July 3, 2018
The Last of Us - Ellie

Okay, okay. Deep breaths. The Last Of Us Part II is finally here. Naughty Dog revealed the trailer of what will be one of the most anticipated games. It still has a long way to go, in terms of the actual game being released, but at least we had a sneak peek!

The trailer was first released at 2016’s E3 and caused tons of reactions. That, of course, makes sense, since the game had been deemed as a masterpiece, both for its magnificent storytelling, as well as for its engaging characters.

Here is the reveal trailer that was shown at 2016’s E3:

The first reveal trailer didn’t offer much (but it did raise our hopes up by a lot), as it was designed to confirm that the game was in development. Still, we got to see both Joel and Ellie. And with that, this simple trailer sparked a ton of fan theories.

And here is the gameplay trailer that was shown at this years E3:

Our little Ellie is so grown up.

Here is what we know so far. The game takes place five years after the end of the original game, in the (former) city of Seattle. Which means that Ellie is around 19 years old. Ellie will have the main starring role, although there have been a few indications that there might be more playable characters. Joel will also make an appearance, although it will probably be a more passive one, in comparison with the first Last of Us.

Now the newest trailer finally lets us know a little bit more! The trailer begins slowly, with Ellie being all grown up, standing on a bar during the festive part of a wedding. Her attention stays with who we can only assume is her love interest.

Ellie seems a bit different as she’s no longer the small child who couldn’t swim and needed the wooden palettes. (Please tell me she can swim this time around). She seems to be more badass, kind of like Joel, if you will. After talking to Jesse (voiced and played by Stephen Chang), she starts dancing with Dina (voiced and played by Shannon Woodward). Aaaand after dancing and embracing and kissing, and being completely adorable with each other, the trailer cuts to what most of the players had been waiting for: the gameplay.

Ellie and Dina from The Last of Us part II

Ellie is… pretty mad. And deadly. She seems like she wants revenge, and judging from the Firefly sigils that we saw sprayed across some signs, it would be highly possible that they are her target. Other than that, it’s not the first time that we’ll be allowed to play as Ellie.

When Kurt Margenau and Anthony Newman (co-directors) spoke to Gamespot while at the E3 conference, they said that:

In classic Naughty Dog style, we always try to contextualize animations, so the dodge and shoot play away from the arrow is a different animation from when the blade is about to hit her.

When it comes to the arrows being stuck on Ellie’s body, and whether or not this counted as a healing mechanic?

It’s not a distinctly healing animation, it’s a particular status effect. […] There’s a little arrow icon, and it’s like you’re afflicted with ‘arrow-ness.’ It disables your listen mode and it totally screws up your aim, so you have to try and find a safe spot to take the arrow out.

In that same interview, the two co-directors confirmed that there will be some kind of multiplayer in The Last of Us Part II.

And then… there were fan theories.

One of the main theories is that because Joel is only seen just a little bit, he’s actually dead and that he’s only a fragment of imagination in Ellie’s mind. That, however, might not be true, as in the newest gameplay trailer shown in 2018’s E3, Jesse (the guy Ellie was talking to before dancing with Dina), refers to Joel as her “Old man” who had been lecturing him about his patrols.

Another theory is that Ellie is actually pregnant and that the guitar in the first trailer hides her baby bump. Fans speculate that a government organization kidnapped Ellie, and inseminated her in order to use the baby to create immunization against the zombie virus. The theory began after the comic below was found somewhere inside the Uncharted 4 game.

Ellie from The Last of Us

Of course, we all know that Ellie doesn’t need the gas mask since you know… She’s immune and all. But maybe it’s there to protect the baby.

As for the release date? We still don’t know when exactly the game is going to come out, but it will probably be sometime near 2020. Does that sound very far away? Yes, it does. In the meantime, I suppose it’s time to replay the first game all over again. You never know what you might have missed!

What do you think will happen to Ellie in The Last of Us Part II? What’s your theory about the story? Let us know in the comments!


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