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Lego Tape Has Arrived, And Now is the Time to Grab Some For Yourself (VIDEO)

written by Michael Haase March 17, 2017
Boy playing with lego tape on walls


Lego tape is one of those ideas that I immediately see and think, “why didn’t I think of that?” It’s such a simple, brilliant idea. What’s the main limitation on your Legos? That’s right: gravity. Well, that’s no longer the case, because a company called Nimuno took their idea to make Lego-compatible tape to Indiegogo and utterly destroyed their funding goal. By nearly 8000%.

Not a surprise, really. Just take a look:

Limitless possiblities

Legos on the ceiling. Your car. The fish tank. On your little brother. Oh, it’s a good thing for my parents that this stuff wasn’t around in the 80’s. I was obsessed with Legos and I tried to build anything I saw. Not everything was good, mind you, but it was mine, and I felt fine just using the floor.

The tape looks incredible, and they thought ahead enough to make it reusable. You can cut it into any length you wish, bend it, shape it, and curve it. My mind is reeling with the possibilities.

Lego tape is good news for parents, as well. Legos off the floor means fewer Legos to step on. We all know the pain of Legos on bare feet. This tape might be a miracle for us all.

Hand sticking lego tape to wall

Lego tape stuck to back of dinosaur

Lego is bigger than ever before

Lego is taking off in enormous ways. The popularity of the Lego Movie franchises alone created a new and excited generation of Lego builders. It seems that every franchise, from Star Wars to Batman, has a compatible Lego set to drool over. These Lego sets all come with specialized pieces and parts that are mostly restricted to what the set is designed to build. Some creative minds combine the pieces from different kits to create fantastic new machines and ideas, and now the addition of Lego tape brings even more possibilities to the table.

Although the funding goal is already more than annihilated for this project, it’s still open for buying rolls, and you can get your Lego tape as early as this July.

What will you do with your Lego tape? Let us know in the comments!

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