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‘The Wolf Among Us’: Season 2 To Be Delayed

written by Iris May 28, 2018
The Big Bad Wolf and Snow White From The Wolf Among Us

Okay, I’m gonna be completely honest with you. I’m a bit disappointed. I absolutely LOVED the first Wolf Among Us.  I’ve been waiting for the second season ever since I played the game. So, yeah, I was a bit disappointed when I realized that I would have to wait even more. But maybe that’s a good thing!

The Wolf Among Us,  developed by Telltale Games, is an interactive, mystery game. It’s based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series, meaning that the characters from all the uhh.. fables you read as a child, come to life. In the story, you play as the Big Bad Wolf, the “Sheriff” of Fabletown, a community hidden from the humans of New York (and the world). I honestly can’t say more, otherwise, I’ll spoil the entire game. And no one wants that…

But, the main point is, you play as the Big Bad Wolf, and you stop crimes, solve mysteries and have really, really difficult decisions to make. Don’t make fun of me! Some of those choices define everything in this game. They also define what’s going to happen on the second season of The Wolf Among Us. 

Speaking of which, yes, it got delayed. Based on Telltale’s announcement, the company decided to launch the game in 2019 instead of the latter part of 2018. Again, maybe that’s a good thing! As the developers said:

Most importantly, we’re committed to exploring new ways to tell our stories. Taking this extra time will allow us not only to focus on quality but also to experiment and iterate in order to craft something truly special. Ultimately our goal is to deliver an experience deserving of the passion you’ve consistently shown for The Wolf Among Us, and these extra months will give us the time we need to do our best work. We’re extremely enthusiastic about how the game is progressing so far, and we can’t wait to dig even deeper.

So yes, the game might be a ‘bit’ delayed, but we can rest assured, knowing that at least it will be a good one.

What do you think about The Wolf Among Us being delayed? Are you as hyped as I am to finally play the game? Let us know in the comments!



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