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Lil Dicky and Chris Brown hilariously swap lives in “Freaky Friday”

written by Damian Gordon March 17, 2018
Lil Dicky as Chris Brown and vice versa in Freaky Friday video

Geek Life Meets Playboy Living

Who wouldn’t want to wake up as Chris Brown… well 2018 Breezy not 2009 Fight Club Breezy. Oh boy, Lil Dicky gets his wish in his new music video for “Freaky Friday” as he switches bodies with Brown for a day.

The video has been racking up views within hours of release, currently sitting at over 4.6 million on YouTube at time of writing. Geek life meets playboy living in what turns into comedy gold.

Dicky gained notoriety in 2014’s “Lemme Freak”, before shooting up the charts using his off-brand rap “Save Dat Money.” His collaborations have no boundaries as he goes from making wedding ballads with Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie to putting on a rap clinic with Snoop Dogg.

The catchy song combines the proven formula of Chris Brown recent hits. Throw in the DJ Mustard-type beat, Brown’s award-winning voice and Dicky’s witty writing for a smash.

The video steps into some weird places, before diving fully into absurd territory. Lil Dicky flashes Brown’s junk to the world, switches bodies with other celebrities and takes advantage of his newfound dance skills.

Lil Dicky Climbing Up the Music Ladder

Similar to rap trio The Lonely Island, Lil Dicky’s style of music features comedy but also clever lyrics for hip-hop fans. His freestyle of Drake’s “Hype” helped to cement him as a serious contender in the rap world.

From Soundcloud to sound stages, the artist has built his brand on the back of fun and creative music videos. Whether it be rapping about playing guitar hero or lying to a girl on his freaky search history. The rapper has never shied away from his geek status.

Lil Dicky released his first album Professional Rapper in 2015 to critical acclaim. He is currently working on his sophomore effort and this could be a taste of what to expect.

Who would you wanna see Lil Dicky work with next? Was the song trash or genius? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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