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Live-Action “Cowboy Bebop” TV series in development

written by Alex Lopez June 7, 2017

Check this out, Space Cowboy. The 1998 Japanese anime, Cowboy Bebop, is heading to TV once again. But this time, it will be as a live-action series. Tomorrow Studios, who is also working on a TV adaption of the 2014 film Snowpiercer. Sunset Inc., the studio behind the original anime, will executive produce the live-action show. Midnight Radio Productions will also executive produce.

The original Cowboy Bebop centers around Spike Spiegel and his group of bounty hunters in their adventures set in 2071. These “cowboys” travel the galaxy trying to capture their bounties and survive the dangers of space. And they look damn cool doing it. In 2001, the last third of the series was adapted into  a feature film and was well received. During that time, the show debuted on Adult Swim, becoming the first anime series to air on the network block. The show boasts a memorable jazz soundtrack and catchy end tagline “So Long Space Cowboy”.

Cowboy Bebop is not the first anime to jump to live-action. However, success is hard to find. The recent Ghost in the Shell movie garnered mixed reviews and made only $19 million its opening weekend. Of course, there is also the widely panned Dragon Ball: Evolution. The adaptation earned some much hate that the writer issued an apology to fans of the anime. Fans continue to hope for a decent live-action anime film or show. Aside from Cowboy Bebop, the next hope for fans is the upcoming Netflix live-action Death Note series. We as fans can only hope that one day, Hollywood will get it right.

Sounds off, geeks! What are your thoughts about a live-action Cowboy Bebop?

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