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Is a ‘Marvel Zombies’ Movie Next for the MCU?

written by Laura Mechem May 15, 2018
Wolverine, Iron Man, Colonel America, Thing and Mr Fantastic infected by zombie contagion in Marvel Zombies comic art

Rumours are rife that we may see a Marvel Zombies movie within the next phase of the MCU! In an interview last year with lwlies.com, British Indie writer and director Ben Wheatley spoke of his desire to jump on the Marvel bandwagon. When asked if he would ever want to make a Marvel movie, Wheatley revealed:

Marvel Zombies hasn’t been done, which is what I am interested in.

On its own, that didn’t give fans much more than a faint hope. Kudos to Wheatley for wanting to take on such an ambitious project even if it didn’t seen very likely at the time.

Ben Wheatley, who's interested in making a MCU Zombies movie

Fast forward now to April 2018 and British Comedian Bob Mortimer has teased that Wheatley’s wish may have come true. In The Adam Buxton Podcast, Mortimer was asked about the progress of a project he is working on with Wheatley. Mortimer explained that their project is on hold as

Ben Wheatley has been offered one of the big Marvel films.

It’s just speculation of course at the moment. However, Wheatley is famed for his dark film making and a Marvel Zombies movie would be a great addition to the MCU’s phase four.

How would ‘Marvel Zombies’ fit in the MCU?

Well, technically it wouldn’t. Marvel Zombies (get it on Amazon) is set on Earth-2149, an alternate reality to the one we’ve seen so far. This dystopian comic book run told the story of a zombie contagion outbreak that quickly turned Earth’s mightiest heroes in hordes of super-powered undead.

The apocalyptic plague consumes some of Marvel greatest characters, including Earth-2149’s Colonel America, Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman and Wolverine. The Silver Surfer serves as the stories protagonist, arriving to herald the approach of planet-consuming cosmic entity Galactus, only to find that most of earth has consumed itself!

The cult Marvel comic books are fan favourites and would be a bold move for Marvel. What do you think about Marvel Zombies movie for phase four? Let us know in the comments!

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