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The Elder Scrolls VI? Don’t Lollygag About These Details!

written by Tyler June 13, 2018
Elder Scrolls VI title from the trailer

In my personal and absolute biased opinion, Bethesda won E3. I mean, new Doom, new Wolfenstein, New Fallout, and two new Elder Scrolls games. One of which has been one of the most highly anticipated follow ups to 2011’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. At this year’s E3 showcase, Bethesda showed a very brief teaser for The Elder Scrolls VI. That’s it. No extra name at the end, a la Oblivion, Morrowind et al. Nothing. Nada. See for yourself:

However, because the internet is beautiful, lots of fans have been swarming about the single scene shown, and a lot of theories have been flying like a scroll of Icarian flight. So let’s explore Reddit!


Guys if we are going with the thalmor want to ascend to gods theory this makes perfect sense of a game.

We know that:

  • Every tower is either destroyed eg. Red tower, Crystal tower, Orchalc tower, Brass tower.
  • Deactivated eg. White Gold tower, Doomcrag and possibly, Snow Throat (throat of the world)
  • Or under Aldmeri control eg. Elden root

This only leaves one tower left, the Adamantine tower which is located off the shore of High Rock in the center of Iliac Bay

If the Thalmor want to become gods by returning the mortal plane to its natural state then the last place they have to go is High Rock and destroy the Adamantine Tower.

Via u/Realkdoth:

Tinfoil hat time: it’s hammerfell

I’m by no means a master of elder scrolls lore, but the wiki says “Legend has it that the leader of the Rourken threw his hammer, Volendrung, and built Volenfell, the capital of the Western Dwemer, where it landed.” Well, the image has a big ass crater and what looks to be a castle/city to the left.

Elder Scrolls VI's Todd Howard

How about progress? Talking to Gamespot, Todd Howard said:

“It’s in the concept and design [phase],”

And a release date? Howard said he knows the release date of The Elder Scrolls VI, but he’s not going to say it.

“I do. I would be foolish to say it,”

Damn you and your awesome looking jackets you always wear on-stage. One thing’s for certain, once they actually do reveal gameplay and everything for The Elder Scrolls VI, it will be a madhouse of a hype train for the internet.

What do you geeks think? Is it Hammerfell, High Rock, both? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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