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New iPhone X? Might want to trust us and read this…..

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg November 4, 2017

In the few days of playing with the new iPhone X you can immediately feel how fragile this phone is. Although Apple is touting the durability of the glass, we are still able to see scratches and have seen lots of breakage online with a single drop. Keep some of these things in mind with your iPhone X…

  1. The iPhone X starts at $999
  2. The back is full glass
  3. Apple has posted that breakage to the back glass will cost $550 to replace….wut…..
  4. Reports from repair sites are saying the back is extremely difficult to replace yourself
  5. Most people who have dropped the phone just one time have shattered the back of the display as you can see from CNET

You do have a few choices to help protect you and your new badass iPhone X. You can always purchase the AppleCare for $199 then $100 per occurrence. This has to be purchased within 60 days of your iPhone purchase. You can hit the link here to head to Apple for more info.


You could always throw a paper-thin case on it to help with scratches (does not do much for drops) from Totallee. I love these and am using one currently.  They really make the phone easier to hold and you do not have to worry about micro scratches when sitting the phone down. Now, like I said if you are someone who drops phones you might want to check out some of the other options below. Check them out over on Amazon for different colors and feel. Also great choices in this same area would be skins from dbrand or SlickWraps.

slick black iPhone X case

For you geeks out there that need a little more heavy-duty protection there is always the bigger bulkier options. One of the most popular is from Otterbox. At $49 on Amazon not a bad buy right now and does come with a belt clip. Just makes me a little sad to cover up such a sexy phone with so much bulk, but I understand some people need this kind of protection.

black Otterbox iPhone x


One of our personal favorites is the Tech21 Series. These guys put serious science behind their cases and are able to make some of the most durable cases without adding extreme bulk. I have seen some cringe worth drops make it through unscathed because of these cases.


There of course tons of other cases out there and these are just some of our favorites. Be sure and check them out…but no matter what you do, either put protection on the phone or have some sort of insurance. Let us know what you think in the poll below.

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