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New Titans Pending, Attack on Titan Release Date!

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson November 30, 2016
Huge Titan breaks wall

After setbacks in production Attack on Titan Season two finally has a release date! The rumors of an early 2017 release were correct. The release date is currently spring of 2017!

The new season promises to be an emotional and violent ride. While the manga gives a sneak peak of the events of Eren and Mikasa’s lives, the manga that the season will cover is still unknown. We do know that Eren will fight the Colossal Titan in the new season! A picture of Eren facing the Colossal Titan released by the creators is below. Fans speculate that Eren may have a mega-transformation into the most powerful titan of the series. If these rumors are true, he will transform for the fight with Colossus!

Huge Titan breaks wall

While we all know and love the thoughtless eating machine titans of Season one, Season two promises a new type of Titan. Titan Shifters will have both human and titan forms, and have the ability to regrow body parts! Rumor has it that they may even be able to create new titan identities if they receive a fatal blow. This will cause major issues for the soldiers as they continue the war on titans.

The identity of the Colossal Titan will also be a feature of Season two, and we will learn more about other Titan Shifters. In the spirit of being spoiler free I won’t post his identity here, but follow this link to find out. The manga does confirm his identity and is well worth the time to read. Other characters that may be present in the new season include Eren’s father, who we saw only in flashbacks in Season one. The mysterious basement that Eren receives a key two in Season one will also probably get more screen time.

I am still reeling in shock from the last seasons’ finale. I owe the first season another watch through before any trailers come out for the second season. Have you read the Attack on Titan Manga? Are you ready for the new season? Let us know in the comments below, and check for new updates on the coming season!

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