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The New ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 Trailer From E3 has Us Beyond Hyped

written by Nick Allen June 13, 2018
Screenshot from Insomniac's Spider-Man for Playstation 4

We had our first glimpse of the upcoming Playstation-exclusive Spider-Man game two years ago at E3. I, for one, was quite excited. It seemed different and fresh, and even Spidey’s suit had a cool new look to it. Then, last year, we got another trailer. The excitement increased. This year, the good people at Insomniac saw fit to bless us with third. This one, not surprisingly, is also absolutely wonderful, and it’s also a rather long gameplay trailer. I am now reaching critical levels of excitement. They’ve teased us for two years. I’m not sure how much more I can hype this trailer up, so I’ll just let it speak for itself:

This ‘Spider-Man’ Looks Positively Spectacular

First of all, this game is absolutely beautiful. That’s not surprising. The first two trailers were beautiful too. This time, however, we got to see what actual gameplay would look like. And, as you can see, Insomniac didn’t disappoint. The design, the colors, everything works perfectly. Despite the level taking place at night, the game seems to be rather bright. The movement is very fluid and very Spidey-like. Based on pure aesthetics, this game is very solid.

One of the most exciting things in the trailer is the enormous inventory of moves Spider-Man is capable of. Over the years, Spider-Man videogames have been hit or miss. Some have been better than others in replicating the way Spidey moves and fights, but they’ve all been limited. In this new game, however, there seem to be very few limits to the Spider powers you can call upon. It’s tough to tell purely from the trailer, but the mechanics of the game seem rather awesome. You can sling web to and from almost anywhere and seemingly stick to, crawl, or even run up any surface. And, again, it all looks amazing and seamless during gameplay. This is a game I’d enjoy watching someone else play.

But What’s the Story?

The game’s story is also incredibly intriguing. We’ve known for a while that Miles Morales would appear in the game in some capacity, and everyone was excited about that. Sadly, he didn’t appear in the trailer. Still, based off of all the trailers so far, it seems like the game takes place within its own unique continuity, much like the Batman Arkham games. This is a great idea, especially for a character with such an expansive rogues gallery as Spider-Man.

Now with this new trailer, it seems very clear that Spider-Man will be the wall crawler’s version of Arkham. And I’m very okay with that. The trailer even showcased a very Arkham-like prison, the Raft, and featured a very Arkham-like jailbreak plot. It also featured five classic villains and alluded to a sixth. Seems rather sinister to me. While we still don’t know much about the plot, this third trailer sets the stage for a very interesting storyline, one that could continue through multiple games.

All in all, the trailer did a great job showcasing the game’s high points and teasing us with exciting tidbits of information without giving away much. Consider me sold.

Are you excited for Insomniac’s Spider-Man? What other characters or villains are you hoping make an appearance? Let us know!

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