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Realtime VATS, No NPCs And Other Details About Fallout 76!

written by Tyler June 13, 2018
Todd Howard and Geoff Keighley discussing Fallout 76

Shortly after their E3 presentation, Bethesda’s Todd Howard sat down with Geoff Keighley and reflected on the presentation and all the games they revealed, including Fallout 76. Some juicy details emerged and they’re fairly delicious! To keep things simple, we’ve broken down the major and minor points in bullet form for easy reading. If you’d prefer to watch the interview yourself, feast your eyes on this sweetroll:

  • There are no NPCs.
  • Every character you see is a real person.
  • There are still robots and terminals.
  • They don’t want it to be grief-y, but they do want to have drama.
  • VATS is still here, but real-time.
  • Mods will still be here, just not at launch. They are 100% committed to it.
  • You cannot play offline, and even when playing solo, you will see other players.
  • Will have a beta prior to its launch in November. Date unknown yet.
  • There are questlines, assigned by holotapes or terminals, “Found questlines”.
  • There will be a balance between social incentives and incentives for being aggressive with other players.
  • Where some players are good with natural headshots, you can build your character for VATS to counter.
  • As for content, they will be constantly adding it for what the players are looking for.
  • Private servers are coming, where the long term plan is where people can have private worlds with mods.
  • Todd is all over the forums and Reddit all the time reading fans’ stuff.

Fallout 76 concept artVia noclip

I couldn’t be more excited. As worrisome as it may be, knowing Bethesda’s tendencies for bugs at launch, it looks like they’re self-aware and making the good decision to have a beta, seeing as they have never really done a multiplayer game like this before. As for NPCs, it seems like they’re having the players create the content and quests perhaps? Seems tricky, as it could go south if it doesn’t see the player count it’s looking for. Fallout and Skyrim have fans that are dedicated and committed single-player fans, and not all of them are down for multiplayer. I, for one, am so very excited for multiplayer in a Bethesda world.

What about you geeks? Are you excited for Fallout 76? Tell us in the comments if you’re going to be in the beta! If you are hyped, satiate your thirst with this making of video!

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