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Play As a Samurai in Sucker Punch’s ‘Ghost of Tsushima’

written by Liz June 14, 2018
Ghost Of Tsushima key art

When Ghost of Tsushima was first announced at Paris Game Week back in 2017, it caught people’s attention. Ghost of Tsushima is an open world samurai game was something that hadn’t been seen before. The teaser, however, was just that; a teaser, that didn’t go into gameplay or story. Now, in Sony’s conference at E3 we get to see nearly 10 minutes of gameplay and learn a little more about the story.

The story follows Jin, a samurai on the island of Tsushima during the 1274 invasion of Japan by the Mongols. Masako, onna-bugeshia (a type of female warrior) fights alongside him as they try and free their island from the invaders and save as many people as they can. It looks like they have a great deal of work still ahead of them in this clip. 

The game looks beautiful. The landscape looks alive and I can’t wait to see more of it. The music is haunting. The flutes are almost calming, but hearing that over the sounds of crying women is enough to keep players on edge. Then, even when the music does become more intense,  it doesn’t feel like there is a different style. It doesn’t go from random forest sounds too loud, throbbing drums. There is the almost ever-present sound of a flute.

Brian Fleming, Producer for Sucker Punch, posted to the Sony blog after the conference talked about why they choose this particular sequence to show the world.

We chose this particular sequence to capture a few of the essential visions we have for the game: a sprawling beautiful Tsushima…brutal Mongol invaders…and a katana combat that delivers on our target of “Mud, Blood, & Steel.”….This story offers a small window into Jin’s world and his journey to save his homeland from the Mongol Empire.

The kill scenes in this are bloody messes and look brutal.  The katana, the iconic weapon of the samurai is on prominent display. From this announcement, the game definitely seems to be leaning into its ideal of “mud, blood & steel”.

The release date hasn’t been announced yet but Fleming said there would be more information coming out in the next few months. The Ghost of Tsushima is going to be released exclusively to the PS4 when it is released. 

Are you looking forward to seeing more about this? Do you think you might pick it up? Let us know in the comments.

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