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Valve Making Own ‘Steam Spy’ Tool In Lieu Of Privacy Changes

written by Damian Gordon July 4, 2018
Far Cry 5. One of the games Steam Spy tracks

Valve proves they’re a player too as they ditch their old system for the new hotness. Steam Spy is being dropped in favor of a new analytic tracking system made by Valve itself.

Steam changed its privacy settings in April, the change hid a player’s achievements and playtime on top of the games they own. The changes came quickly after Facebook had an incident with privacy. You know the incident, the one where 87 million accounts were compromised?

Steam Spy metrics used game ownership to provide the data figures. Now that a user’s library is no longer available to the database tracking, its hard for SS gather if a game is hot or not.

The tool was created in 2015 by Sergey Galyonkin. Since then it has become one of the most used analytic programs for Steam.  The media, developers and users alike were able to use this data to not only measure performance but also start wars in forums. Uncle Ben did say something about “great power.”

These changes in privacy did not shut down Steam Spy but merely handicapped its tools and effectiveness. Imagine if Steph Curry had to shoot 3’s from outside the arena you get the picture.

Shade or Just Steam?

Street Fighter V Ken mid kick. A game tracked by steam spy

Valve’s head of business development, Jan-Peter Ewert, recently spoke on the switch from Steam Spy. Ewert said the tool “had a broad variance in how accurate it was. It was very accurate for some games, it was very inaccurate for some others.”

He went on to say, “we are very much working on new tools and new ways of getting data out of Steam…”. Ewert says these new tools are going to be more “accurate” and “useful” than the previous system.

This statement brings up the question of why use the old system for so long if it wasn’t reliable. This feels like when someone breaks up with their ex and all of a sudden “they were crazy.” Nah man, they were crazy when you met them.

Galyonkin is currently working on a new algorithm, one that recently was able to predict Frostpunk’s 250,000 sales. It seems like the ex is getting in shape showing off Valve is missing out on.

It is unknown whether or not the new analytic tool by Valve will be available to devs only. Although, Galyokin gave hope to the public with a tweet of “Fifty bucks and you’re a developer.” Take it as a shot at Steam or just a matter of fact, this situation is far from over.

Do you think Steam is heading in the right direction? Does any of this even matter? Leave a comment on what you think!


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