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Slay the Monsters and Sell Their Loots: Moonlighter is Out Now!

written by Logan Brklacic June 2, 2018
A man, poised to strike with the sword in his hand, stands in front of a big gate in which monsters and a green goo pour out.. The word Moonlighter reads across the picture.

Ever wanted to delve into a dungeon and sell the items you find at your own prices in your own shop? Well you can in Moonlighter, the new game out from Digital Sun and 11 bit studios. That’s right, step aside shopkeepers with your low ball prices of one gold for a stick I found on this monster. I’ll sell it for three gold! Pure profit!

Moonlighter has a very simple game on the surface. Enter dungeon, kill monsters, pick up items, sell items. Sounds easy right? Well you’re forgetting about setting the right prices, the economy, theft, rebuilding the town, arming yourself, and not dying in dungeons and loosing all the items in your bag. In your shop you will have the duty of setting prices for all items you find. You will be able to tell how customers feel about the prices based on their expressions that pop up in bubbles above their heads. They will either hate it, tolerate it, love it, and really really love it. Don’t let them really really love it too much. Also being wary not to flood the market so demand for an item goes down is also important, otherwise no one will buy what you’re selling. Rebuilding the town to it’s former glory will not be easy, and it will require your money to do so….so make a lot of it okay?

The interior of the shop in the game Moonlighter. Customers peruse items on a table while the player controller character stands behind a cash register

The humble beginnings of your shop, Moonlighter

Moonlighter has really nice pixel art graphics, very reminiscent of Stardew Valley, which I also loved and definitely did not stay up until 7:00am one morning playing.¬†¬†This graphic style really draws me to games like this. The dungeons also play out similar to The Binding of Isaac. They are randomly generated, and you will not have the same dungeon twice. Well you might run into a similar generated dungeon, but you don’t notice at all…unless you’re into keeping track of each dungeon layout.

There are also four dungeons you can explore. Each one more dangerous then the next, and you’ll have to find the ways to unlock them yourself. There is also a mysterious large door boarded up near the dungeons, what could be behind it, and how does it open?

The player character from Moonlighter, fights a gigantic Golem King in it's lair in a dungeon.

The Golem King, the boss of one of the dungeons

I’m really enjoying the game so far. I can completely get lost in playing it for hours on end. It just came out on May 29th, 2018, on Steam, PS4, Xbox One, GOG.com, and Humble Bundle. You can buy the game for $19.99 USD on whichever platform you want. There is still no definitive release date for Moonlighter on the Nintendo Switch, but they are working on it. OH! One for sure tip I can give you (and the game gives you too during the loading screens) use a controller. It makes things so much easier.

Does Moonlighter seem like the kind of game you would enjoy? Tell us in the comments!

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