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5 Anticipated Books To Be Released In June: Summer Reads 2018

written by Katelyn Fiorentino May 31, 2018
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Have you been wanting to pick up a new book? Fortunately, there are always new arrivals coming your way. Whether you’re in the mood for fantasy, sci-fi or romance, this summer has got you covered. Here are 5 anticipated books coming out in June. Let’s check them out!

1. Falling Short by Lex Coulton

Cover of the book Falling Short by Lex Coulton

Frances Pilgrim is a thirty-nine-year-old school teacher, who’s father disappeared when she was only 5. Her life seems to be filled with her losing things, and a mother who is slowly yielding to Alzheimer’s. Frances has always believed that her mother was just eccentric, but this new realization is creating questions around her father’s disappearance. With everything going astray, she is set on figuring out what really happened. Her mother’s behavior is becoming more erratic, but will this allow Frances to finally get some answers? You can pre-order Falling Short on Amazon:

2. Neverworld Wake by Marisha Pessl

Cover of the book Neverworld Wake by Marisha Pessl

Beatrice Hartley and her five friends at Darrow-Harker High School were considered the cool, and beautiful ones. Until the death of Jim – Beatrice’s boyfriend, and the creative genius changed everything. A year after graduation, Beatrice is hoping to get to the bottom of the dark questions of Jim gnawing at her. So, she returns to the seaside estate, where secrets were shared and memories made. This is also where things get turned upside down, when a mysterious man knocks on the door. The impossible is announced, and now time is stuck. Beatrice and her friends have harsh decisions to make. They have one last shot at answers, and at life. Here’s the book to pre-order:

3. Bitter Sun by Beth Lewis

Cover of the book Bitter Sun by Beth Lewis

This story takes place in a small mid-western town, during a heatwave summer of 1971. Four kids end up finding a body by a lake, and nothing was ever the same since. These kids are set on uncovering the truth of the murder, but they may have dug too deep. The town of Larson is reeling in the wake of the Vietnam draft. Tension and paranoia run high between the once close-knit farming community. The kids John, Jenny, Gloria, and Rudy are about to figure out that some secrets are best kept hidden. Amazon has you covered with the pre-order:

4. Wild Blue Wonder by Carlie Sorosiak

Cover of the book Wild Blue Wonder by Carlie Sorosiak

The Maine summer camp, owned by Quinn’s family, was still a magical place, last June. Wild blueberries grew despite the season, a legendary sea monster roamed the waters, and Quinn fell in love with her best friend, Dylan. This was all magical until the accident happened. Winter has arrived, and Quinn no longer feels the magic. But there’s a new boy in town named Alexander, and he doesn’t see her as the monster she believes she is. Quinn is letting herself open up to the truths of love, loss, and monsters-real and imagined. Want to pre-order this book? Here it is:

5. Starless by Jacqueline Carey

Cover of the book Starless by Jacqueline Carey

Khai was destined from birth to serve as a protector of the princess Zariya. He is trained in the arts of killing and stealth, by a warrior in the deep desert. Yet, there is a profound truth that has been withheld from him. Khai needs to learn to navigate deadly intrigue, and his own conflicted identity. Although, far into the western seas, a dark god called Miasmus is rising. Their intent is nothing short of total destruction. If Khai is to keep princess Zariya alive, he must join an unlikely crew of prophecy seekers. The journey they will begin will take them far beyond the starless skies. Interested? Here’s the pre-order:

As long as authors keep writing, you’ll be able to delve into new pages. June seems to be full of anticipating reads. Have you begun the Summer Reading Extravaganza of 2018? I may have just made that up, but it could be a thing. Let us know what what books you’ve been soaking up in the comments!

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