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5 Bookish Accessories To Treat Yo’ Self This Summer

written by Katelyn Fiorentino June 20, 2018
Superhero bookend 5 bookish accessories

Do like reading? Do you like buying stuff? Luckily, you can buy some book related stuff! Summer is coming at us full force, and it can be a lot to deal with. If you still haven’t got that “summer body” or you aren’t ready for the sun burns, try treating yourself. So, here are 5 bookish accessories, for all you book lovers.

1. Harry Potter Bookends

Harry Potter Hogwarts bookend 5 bookish accessories


If you own the Harry Potter series, you can hold them together with Harry Potter bookends! If not, these are neat enough for the rest of your book collection. Check out these Hogwarts bookends on Etsy.

2. Wicked Witch Bookmark

Wicked Witch bookmark 5 bookish accessories

This bookmark is wicked awesome. See what I did there? You’ll never lose your place with these ruby slippers hanging out of your book. Be sure not to get them or the book wet, they may melt. Amazon has the goods.

3. Hedgehog Reading Pin

Hedgehog reading a book pin 5 bookish accessories

This is incredibly cute. A hedgehog reading a book? Priceless! Actually, this pin is $9.99 on Etsy. Stick this on your shirt, and wherever you go someone will say “aww.” I’m sure of it.

4. Wooden Page Holder

Wooden page holder 5 bookish accessories

Hold your books open in style with these wooden page holders. This product claims to help in preventing finger pain from holding open the book. Also, in reducing damage and dents on the spine. A multi-purpose tool! Here it is on Amazon.

5. Too Real Mug

Emotionally Attached to Fictional Characters mug 5 bookish accessories

If you’re a book lover, there’s a chance you’ve gotten emotionally attached to a fictional character. I have many, many times. It can be quite the experience. After a favorite character of mine has died, I like to soothe my sorrows in a cup of tea. Thank goodness for this mug! You can find this beauty on Etsy.

So, do any of these 5 bookish accessories strike your fancy? If so, which one? I think my bank account needs a break from the internet. Let’s talk books in the comments!

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