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Land Mermaids Rejoice! Here’s Where You Can Get Your Tail!

written by Liz May 31, 2018

I’ve wanted to be a mermaid for about as long as I can remember. Disney’sΒ The Little Mermaid was released when I was 2 and I’ve been holding onto the dream all this time. Mermaids can drown you or save you. They can come to you on land or take you to their undersea kingdom. Mermaids are amazing, and as we come to the end of #mermay, I wanted to share with all of you, the amazing people who make actual, swimmable mermaid tails.

Here We Go Mermaids!


The first one, who I only found out about this week, is FinFun. Their website is super user friendly and seems angled more toward the kid/teenager range when it comes to products. Which is awesome, because their products come in prices that aren’t completely outrageous. Their standard tails come in at $55/$66 for kids and adults tails without the monofin.

The tails are made from the same material as a normal bathing suit which is nice. I would imagine it would be relatively easy to get on and off. The monofin itself is easy to take off, in case of mermaid disasters. The also have an interesting way of customizing tails. You download a template and color it in and that will be printed on to the tail as your own personal design. Is it a little pricey for just a bathing suit piece? Yea, for a standard size customized it comes to around $140. But for a mermaid tail, a customized mermaid tail, that’s not bad at all.

FinFolk Productions

I could go through this company’s shop all day and not be bored. They have some of the coolest looking accessories I’ve seen. Check out the Kraken leggings. Seriously. Plus, how could you get bored looking at amazing tails like this! This is one of their Mythic tails and I’m pretty sure I would self destruct if I were to get one. These tails are neoprene based (like a wet suit), the scales are super shiny sparkly resin, and the fins are silicone. These things are 100% handmade which is just awesome.

β€œI address you all for who you truly are: mermaids, travelers, adventurers, and magicians. You are the true dreamers.” πŸ”₯SURPRISE SECRET MYTHIC REVEAL πŸ”₯ Well…. it's exactly what it sounds like. πŸ˜‰ Introducing our brand new, never before seen, Magician Mythic! Unique and unlike any other, this Mythic displays hues of red, maroon, deep pinks, purples, teals, and other iridescence. AVAILABLE NOW on the website in (as usual) limited quantities. SURPRISE and we hope you love this beauty as much as we do!πŸ§œπŸ»β€β™€οΈ Many thanks to the gorgeous @thevirginiamermaid for modeling and braving the cold pool yesterday to get this shot! πŸ’• Also thanks to @christoler from @seventhsintattoo for letting us use his pool when ours was shut down! β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #finfolk #finfolkproductions #finfolkmermaid #finfolkpodsquad #teal #purple #magician #magic #mermaid #swimming #witch #mermaids #mermaidlife #magician #ariel #witchcraft #harrypotter #hogwarts #littlemermaid #magical #fantasy #thelittlemermaid #wizard #hermionegranger #witchy #unicorn #underthesea #seashells #mermaidtail #siren

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It also explains the price. The Mythic tails, their midrange tail, starts at $975. Their fabric tails start at $335. Not a bad investment if you live near water and are fully grown, or if you plan on mermaiding as a job. I won’t tell you what their fully customizable, full silicone professional tails start at. They are sold out for this year anyway.


I think Mertailor was the first tail-maker I found and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. They’ve got kid’s tails, they’ve got men’s tails and they’ve got women’s tails. Their Eco and Fantasea fabric tails are both under $100 (without the monofin) and super pretty. Check it out below.

After that they have their Whimsy tails, then Neoprene, then the Fantasea Silicone line. Then, finally the Spellbound tails. The fully customizable tails start at $1250 and they are still taking orders. You can choose the fin shape, how many fins you want, what colors you want. You want to be glittery? They can do glittery. How about color shifting? They can do that too.

So, whether you are going to see the newΒ Little Mermaid coming out this summer or prefer to stick to the Disney version, take a moment to remember why you love mermaids so much. Check out some of these amazing pieces of wearable, swimmable art and maybe get yourself something exciting.

What about you, geeks? Feel like cosplaying with some of these tails? Let us know in the comments!

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