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‘American Horror Story’ Season 8 Theme Revealed!

written by Christina Ortega Phillips June 18, 2018

One of the things that keeps me returning to American Horror Story each season is the fact that we get a new theme each time. There are the (mostly) same actors, but there are fresh stories. The stories, we have been told, are all connected. Now, they will be connected in a major way in the upcoming eighth season.

On Thursday, series creator Ryan Murphy tweeted the theme for season eight:

Murphy has talked about this crossover before and I’ve been waiting for it. I just hope it’s not a letdown. Even though I am a fan of American Horror Story, there is one season that I just could not get into (cough*Hotel*cough), but thankfully, seasons one and three were ones I thoroughly enjoyed.

‘American Horror Story: Murder House’

In season one, we met the Harmon family who moved to Los Angeles. The real estate agent told them that the previous occupants were the victims of a murder-suicide. They overlooked this, moved into the could-be haunted house anyway and, of course, bad shit began to happen.

The Harmon family from American Horror Story: Murder House.

‘American Horror Story: Coven’

Season three took place in New Orleans and followed Zoe to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. The school was full of… wanna guess? Witches. The supreme witch was played by Jessica Lange, who was not in the most recent season. Will the crossover mean that she will return to the show?

Some of the witches from American Horror Story: Coven

‘American Horror Story’

The title for the upcoming season is said to be Radioactive. So far we know that it is set in the near future. Eighteen months from now, to be precise. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy teased, 

You will see so many fan favorites return that you’ll feel like it’s The Love Boat. It’s a very high concept…It’s a season unlike anything we’ve done because there’s a big hook to it. There’s a huge thing that happens in episode five.

We also know that it is set in Arizona after a nuclear blast thanks to this tweet:

I don’t know about you, but I am excited. The crossover and setting mean that it cannot overly focus on the current political situation, which I am grateful for. While I enjoyed AHS: Cult, there were times when all the politics made it very tempting to give up on the season. It did turn around, though. Excuse me while I go re-watch seasons one and three before season eight comes out!

Are you an American Horror Story fan? Which actors do you hope will return? Tell us in the comments!

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