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Tears flow from both my wallet and eyes as Funko announces Kingdom Hearts Pop Vinyls

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. February 2, 2017

It's King Mickey

Screw doves crying, my wallet and bank account are weeping tears that I did not think possible. Funko, purveyors of the insanely collectable Pop Vinyls, just went and dropped another collection I must obsessively try to complete – Kingdom Hearts.

Oh Kingdom Hearts, the franchise that so many swore would never succeed. Now look at you, more lusted after than the latest celebrity sex tape. The combination of Disney stalwarts and Final Fantasy heroes, plus some villains, made many a RPG gamer jump for joy. Thanks to the undying love of all things KH, now we have Pop Vinyls and keychains to decimate stores over.

It's a Goofy Funko pop

In the initial collection, we are treated to only Disney characters. Of course we have the trinity of that universe, Donald, Goofy and King Mickey but we also get Pete. Frigging Pete? I’m actually more peeved I have to look at his smug mug instead of an awesome Sora Vinyl. Oh Pete, why can’t we nuke you?

It's Pete as a Funko Pop

As the usual with Funko collections, there will be variant versions of some of the crew. I instantly want the Goofy, which means I have to go to a Gamestop. Will they sell me a brand new unopened version or a “new” opened one? Time will tell!

It's a variant Goofy Pop

It's a variant Donald Funko

No word on if there will be more but come on, it’s Kingdom Hearts and Funko. You know there will be additional lines to the collection. Better be Sora, Kairi and Rikku so I can put them on the shelf in odd places, never together. Of course if you’re in the mood for Funko goodness now, hit up this Amazon link here to see one of my favorite Pop Vinyls ever.

It's Goofy as a Funko keychain

Let’s hear it geeks, where do you stand on the new Kingdom Hearts Pop Vinyls? Obviously I’m going to buy them all, even the keychains. Nothing says I’m secure in myself like running around with miniature, stylized keychains of Disney characters on your person.

Source: Funko

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