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Why Leia Fans Should be Reading Claudia Gray’s Books

written by Laura Mechem June 19, 2018
Claudia Gray portrays Princess Leia in novel 'Leia, Princess of Alderaan'

Author Claudia Gray is Making a Name for Herself in the ‘Star Wars’ Literary World

Claudia Gray’s portrayal of Leia in novels Bloodlines and Leia, Princess of Alderaan has been highly commended by critics and fans alike. In a recent interview on The Star Wars Show, Gray spoke about her venture into the galaxy far, far away and what she loves about writing Leia.

During the interview, Gray described her work with Leia as her greatest passion and her greatest challenge.

What’s the best thing about writing Leia? Everyone knows and loves her. What’s the worst thing about writing Leia? Everyone knows and loves her!

She went on to discuss how difficult it is to write a character that is so iconic. She tells us that Leia is a character that everyone has their own idea about and that’s a challenge to live up to!

Gray also loves Leia’s strong sense of morality and that she never stops fighting for what she believes is right. So much so that her fight has become her whole life. Gray also explains how she refused to make her portrayal of Leia feel automatic or simple, and has worked hard to understand her difficult choices and sacrifices.

Young Leia

One of Claudia Gray’s most popular stories has been the young-adult novel Leia, Princess of Alderaan (2017). Set on and around Leia 16th birthday, the story centres around Leia’s discovery of her parents involvement in the rebellion and her own growing desire to fight. Despite being a young-adult novel it is proving a favorite amongst Leia fans of all ages.

From the Beginning of the Rebellion to the Beginning of the Resistance

Gray’s 2016 novel Bloodlines is set six years prior to the events of The Force Awakens. It creates the background for Leia’s involvement in The New Republic and explains the emergence of the Resistance. Leia is a respected senator, dealing with underworld kingpins, treacherous politicians and imperial loyalists. The story explores the beginnings of a powerful and mysterious enemy set on bringing The New Republic to an end.

And it Isn’t Just Leia

Gray’s first new canon novel was 2015’s Lost Stars which is a Romeo and Juliet story of forbidden love set across the Empire and the Rebellion. The novel introduces new characters to the Star Wars galaxy and new planet Jelucan. Gray describes how the story retells the events of the original trilogy from a new perspective.

‘What would it be like to be there?’

Claudia Gray captures her characters by imagining the reality and emotion of their situations. Her focus on human interaction makes her portrayal of the characters and their universe rich and authentic. She loves working with the amazing detail, action, history and adventure of the Star Wars galaxy. She loves that her books can reach non-readers and the ‘snowflake pattern’ of her writing opening opportunities in the universe for more stories to be told. Last year Gray wrote a short story about Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn for the 40th anniversary novel A Certain Point of View. The book is a collection of forty stories spanning forty years of Star Wars.

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