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Felicity in Star Wars? J.J. Abrams Wants Keri Russell in ‘Episode IX’

written by Nick Allen July 8, 2018
Keri Russell in the FX series 'The Americans'

For the first time in a long time, all is relatively quiet within the Star Wars fandom. We’re about 500 days away from the release of Episode IX. Solo: A Star Wars Story has come and gone. Now, we can all take a collective deep breath, clear our minds, and wait for any news about the final installment of the trilogy. We can also sit back and listen to the rumor mill churn out fresh bits of speculation every now and then. It’s a fun time, for sure, and here’s the latest rumor! According to a report from Variety, J.J. Abrams is in negotiations with Keri Russell to play an “action-heavy” role in Star Wars: Episode IX.

It makes complete sense that J.J. Abrams would pick Keri Russell in this sort of role. Anyone who knows their Abrams history knows that Russell starred in his very first television show, FelicityThey also later worked together on Mission: Impossible III. Furthermore, beyond her professional rapport with J.J., Keri Russell could fit quite nicely into a Star Wars movie, especially in an action-heavy role that requires stunts. Besides Mission: Impossible III, she has shown off her action chops in her FX show, The Americans, and in other films.

That is pretty much where the facts end and speculation begins. The question on everyone’s mind now is simply: who will she play!? Obviously, at this stage in the game, we have no clue. That won’t stop us from coming up with some solid fan theories, though!

How Keri Russell Could Fit into the ‘Star Wars’ Saga

The news of these negotiations comes a few months after rumors were flying about J.J. Abrams wanting to cast someone for a role codenamed “MARA JADE”. For those that aren’t familiar with the old Star Wars Expanded Universe continuity, Mara Jade was a character who eventually became Luke Skywalker’s wife and the mother of his son. Honestly, I think the idea that Keri Russell is playing Mara Jade is too good to be true. It’s simply too obvious.

In addition, I think that the description of the role as “action-heavy” is a good sign. To me, it indicates that her role won’t be a glorified cameo. It won’t be a throwaway character. She will actually have some significance within the story.

Personally, I hope she’s a villain. Maybe she could be the Phasma we wanted and deserved. I’d love to see her as a badass, scary, powerful female officer of the First Order. She could serve as a sort of dark mirror image of General Leia. On the other hand, she could also serve as a stand-in for Leia herself. She could be a military mentor to Poe Dameron and the Resistance, considering their leadership is basically gone.

We still have a long time before Episode IX  comes to the big screen, so we probably won’t hear any real news about the movie for several months. In the meantime, it’s fun to listen to leaks and speculate as the rumor mill keeps on spinning. I know I’m enjoying it already!

Are you excited for Star Wars: Episode IX? Who do you think Keri Russell’s character will be? Let us know in the comments!

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