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E3: EA’s Somewhat Lackluster Press Conference, Details Here!

written by Tyler June 9, 2018
EA @ E3

Well, E3 has begun! EA has decided to do its own press conference, and while most of it was predictable, there were some nice gems hidden in there. From the typical EA Sports games and the expected Battlefield V and Anthem to indie titles and sequels that were only leaked a couple hours ago, there’s some delicious news that’s for everyone!

First up, Battlefield V multiplayer. Yes, it looks gorgeous. Yes, the Frostbite engine hasn’t skipped a beat. And yes…

It will have a ‘battle royale’ mode.

Because of course it will! Call Of Duty recently announced their jump on that bandwagon, so of course its primary competitor will follow suit. I’m not gonna lie though, as much as I enjoyed PUBG and not-so-much Fortnite, Battlefield V seems the most suited to the genre. Aside from its gorgeous engine, its massive capabilities of building and environment destruction, vehicles and more will likely steal a large number of players from the Fortnite and PUBG, provided Battlefield V is made accessible as Fortnite.

Next up was FIFA 19! This bad boy is going to be getting Champion’s League, which according to Oscar Dayus (A big ol’ footballer), he says that’s a big deal. In addition, FIFA 18 is currently free on Xbox, PS4 and Origin.

EA @ E3, showing Battlefield V

After those 2 segments, EA CEO Andrew Wilson came on stage to talk about something called “EA Access Premier” which allows EA games to be played on PC such as Madden, FIFA, Battlefield and Anthem.

Following Mr. Wilson, there were some Star Wars announcements, including a title called Jedi: Fallen Order, and DICE also came on stage to admit that the team didn’t quite get Battlefront II right at first. To make up for it, they’re going to be adding a ‘Starfighter’ mode which adds dog-fighting as well as a new multiplayer experience. No details as to whether these will be locked behind paywalls or micro-transactions as of yet, as you never know with EA.

EA @ E3, showing Unravel 2

After DICE, a surprise came out! Unravel 2 was announced as a successor to its adorable platformer. Showing some co-op gameplay, puzzles are seemingly built and designed around co-op, although they ensured that it can be played solo. Not only that, Unravel 2 was surprisingly announced to be released: Today! Don’t get your hopes up, as unless you’re paying for EA access, this won’t be available for a trial. It’s currently priced at $19.99. Get it here!

Next up was Sea Of Solitude, where the head writer delved into the personal experiences that lead to the story and art. It looks beautiful as a trailer was shown with a unique artstyle, and quite different of a story that we’ve seen before. Sea Of Solitude comes out around early 2019.

NBA Live 19 comes out September 7th. Nothing noteworthy here, move along.

Madden 19 revealed, read above.

A random Command & Conquer mobile game was shown. Although it seemed very simple, the UI curiously was lacking any kind of micro-transactions.

EA @ E3, showing Anthem

EA finished off their presentation with Anthem. Looks like a big space opera, similar to Mass Effect, but lacking in story, and more suited to the customization and gameplay of Warframe. There was a big playthrough and the developers onstage discussed writing the politics of the game, but nary a story was to be found. It seemed the focus of Anthem was going to be more co-op and multiplayer-based, as opposed to solo experiences. The developers on-stage mentioned that although you can play solo it will be much harder. Yep, this just sounds like less focus was put on the solo experience during development to be honest.

Next E3 press conference is tomorrow at 1PM PT / 4PM ET, so get ready, geeks! We’ll have all the coverage you’re looking for, right here at Don’t Hate The Geek!

What about you geeks? What do you think about these announcements? Tell us in the comments!


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