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“Final Fantasy Lost Stranger” reincarnates Square Enix employee into the world of Final Fantasy

written by Alex Lopez June 18, 2017

You think your work is tough? Try working for Square Enix. Final Fantasy Lost Stranger is the first original manga in the Final Fantasy franchise. The manga was announced in February as part of the 30th anniversary of the series. The July issue of Shonen GanganĀ provides new details about the manga.

The manga follows a Square Enix employee who dies, only to be reborn into the world of Final Fantasy. Hazuki Minase will write the story while Itsuki Kameya will illustrate. The manga will debut in the August issue of Shonen Gangan. It will also include an opening color page for the first chapter.

While this is a first for Final Fantasy, the premise is pretty familiar. Many manga and anime lately focus on outsiders in a fantasy world. Sword Art Online is arguably the best known for this, although its focus is more on a video game. Re:Zero-Starting Life in Another World is another great example. The story follows a young man who ends up in a fantasy world after a trip to the store. Konosuba uses this premise as well, but in a more comedic way. The main character dies within the first few minutes. A shut-in his whole life, he leaves his house to buy a game. After his death, he starts another life in a fantasy world. What follows is failure after failure as he tries to become a hero to the people.

Although there are no details about the plot, this new manga is sure to follow the same pattern as these mangas. Whether it be comedy or drama, the new Final Fantasy manga is sure to please fans of both Final Fantasy and fantasy mangas. Hopefully we will get more information before the manga releases.

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